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Oxygen 0.0.5 released

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Oxygen 0.0.5 released

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 15 March 2003, 22:51:12

Tags: Oxygen

Oxygen has been updated to version 0.0.5 for those interested in seeing a little preview of what's in store for this space trading, combat CRPG. Here's what's new in this version:

  • Changes:
  • the spaceport view now has a different FPS than the main game.
  • converted the objcontainer : spaceobj/effects/ships/projectiles from vectors to lists, and all objcontainers functions are managed via obj pointer.
  • wrote a function which writes the keysettings to the cfg.
  • sorted the cfg read method, and added audio configuration to the cfg. (for safety reasons, i've disabled them all except for 'Enable = x'.
  • removed the old gui, and applied the new one to the temporary infobox (to remove several bugs).

    :space stations
  • activated the info/stats buttons, manipulating the infomenu text.
  • created the shopkeeper screen.
  • retextured the console menu.
  • created a splitbuffer to text function in gui_text, for the infobox.
  • added scrolling vectors, and scroll/erase/reset functions in gui_text.

  • found a better, more balanced asteroid generation method, and enabled asteroid generation again.

  • the targetcycles are controlled better, the target doesn't change when another asteroid is destroyed anymore.
  • when the targetted item is destroyed, targetNone is called.

  • made the oxygen ship a part of shiplist.
  • added the ships velocity to projectiles, to get rid of that unrealistic projectile movement. (however missile homing isn't optimized for it, the missile "doesn't" know of the added velocity yet).

  • created an object which handle raw sounds passed in, loading/unloading on the fly.
  • added a loop function, and a terminator for gui_text (for the scroll effect in the weapon shop).
  • added several sounds to the game. (shooting, targetting, explosions, hit, and several menue effects)

Additionally, the art section has been updated as well with a picture of a shopkeeper.

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