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DOS 2 Kickstarter - Portrait in Game reward

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DOS 2 Kickstarter - Portrait in Game reward

Competition - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 22 February 2016, 11:08:28

Tags: Codex Original Sin 2 Fundraiser; Divinity: Original Sin 2

So I got this in the emails:

Hello to all of our Baroque Backers! Our Comrades in Classicism! Our Fauvist Fans!

We're writing to you because you had the impeccable taste to back our 'Portrait of a Fan' tier on Kickstarter. The game's coming along great, and now we're ready to start work on your portraits, place them in the game, and give them a name of your choosing.

To do this we need:
1) A picture of your face. Please make sure that the picture is of a reasonably good quality (preferably something larger than 1000 x 1000 pixels - but as long our artists have something to work with it should be fine.)

2) The name you would like to have within the game. (This will appear as "Portrait of [Chosen Name]" within the game. Please note that all names are subject to approval by our lore masters to make sure they don't break immersion in the game. Lord RonPaul2016 will not make it, nor will anything that could be considered obscene. Sir Augustus Fizzlebottom will have a tough time. If we think the name isn't suitable, we'll get back to you to discuss alternatives.)

As ever, thank you so much for backing us and helping us make what we hope will be a truly amazing game.

All the best,

-The Larian Team​​

We are now taking suggestions. The one our judges pick will win a prize!

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