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Underrail Dev Log #50: Version Beta

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Underrail Dev Log #50: Version Beta

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 28 December 2016, 20:54:52

Tags: Stygian Software; Underrail

Styg and his crew are working on the Expedition expansion for Underrail these days, but it looks like they've also been spending some time on improvements that are relevant to the base game. Today's development update announces the launch of an "experimental" beta for the game's next version, which players can opt in to if they want to participate. The update includes a thematically appropriate screenshot and an extensive changelog, of which I'll quote a portion:

Hi guys, soon we'll be ready to release a new update for the game. For those who wish to help us test it, we've set up "Experimental" branches on Steam and GOG Galaxy.


To play experimental branch on Steam, you right click the game in your library and go to "Betas" tab. To do so on GOG, you select the game and choose More->Settings. Make sure you don't override all your live version saves just in case something goes horribly wrong.

Here are the patch notes:

  • AP reduction from Gunslinger feat will now properly affect only firearms
  • Added feats: Bowyer (crossbow crafting)
  • Ripper feat will now properly work with serrated knives
  • Added a new visual model for siphoner, ancient rathound, and super steel armor
  • Telekinetic proxies and electrokinetic imprints will now be visible behind walls
  • Added tooltips for empty gear slots
  • Forcing the vent with crowbar will now be done through Quick Invoker (once the crowbar is equipped, you'll get the ability there)
  • Changed the "Focused" tooltip to be gender neutral (tested for all 99 genders)
  • Cats nerfed
  • Dreadnoughts buffed
  • When a character that has nightvision turned on gets flashbanged, they will also be dazed for 5 turns
  • Some of the merchants now have additional mercantile checks which (if passed) will expand that merchant's store inventory
I guess those cats weren't as harmless as the Underrail wiki claims they are. Read the full changelog for details on the bugs that have been fixed in the new version and the changes it makes to items and quests.

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