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Stygian Software

Stygian Software

Articles associated with this tag:

15-Jul-2019 RPG Codex Interview: Underrail Expedition
2-Feb-2017 RPG Codex Review: Underrail
21-Oct-2014 RPG Codex Preview: Underrail Re-Previewed
29-Aug-2012 RPG Codex Preview: Underrail
30-Jun-2021 Underrail Dev Log #70: Version - Method and Madness
27-Feb-2021 Underrail Dev Log #69: Version - Crossing the Styx
1-Sep-2020 Underrail Dev Log #68: The Psi Question
26-Aug-2020 Underrail: Infusion Dev Log #3: Real-time 3D Models
21-Jul-2020 Underrail Dev Log #67: Version Beta - Waterways and Psi Update
17-May-2020 Underrail: Infusion Dev Log #2: Shiny Particles
2-May-2020 Back to the Wasteland: Interview with Fallout-inspired isometric RPG developers at Wireframe
11-Mar-2020 Announcing Underrail: Infusion, a new standalone Underrail campaign
31-Oct-2019 Underrail Dev Log #64: Version - Core City Factions Update
22-Jul-2019 Underrail: Expedition Released
9-Jul-2019 Underrail Dev Log #62: Version Beta
21-Jun-2019 Underrail Dev Log #61: Expedition expansion releasing on July 22nd
21-Dec-2018 Underrail Dev Log #60: Expedition Trailer, Version Beta
17-Aug-2018 Underrail Dev Log #59: Savage Natives, Closed Alpha in September
29-Jun-2018 Underrail Dev Log #58: Environments Preview
13-Apr-2018 Underrail Dev Log #57: The Rig
8-Dec-2017 Underrail Dev Log #56: Version Beta
20-Oct-2017 Underrail Dev Log #55: Global Map
10-Aug-2017 Underrail Dev Log #54: Specialization and Veteran Level Changes
14-Jul-2017 Underrail Dev Log #53: Expedition Gameplay Video
24-Apr-2017 Underrail Dev Log #52: Jet Skis!
21-Feb-2017 Underrail Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
28-Dec-2016 Underrail Dev Log #50: Version Beta
18-Nov-2016 Underrail Dev Log #49: Temporal Manipulation
25-Oct-2016 Underrail Dev Log #48: Veteran Levels
11-Oct-2016 Announcing Underrail: Expedition, the first expansion for Underrail, coming early 2017
18-Feb-2016 Underrail Dev Log #46: Version Release - Quality of Life Improvements
25-Jan-2016 Matt Chat 324: Interview with Styg, Part Three
15-Jan-2016 Matt Chat 323: Interview with Styg, Part Two
4-Jan-2016 Matt Chat 322: Interview with Styg
18-Dec-2015 Underrail Released
11-Dec-2015 Underrail Dev Log #44: New trailer, release date is now December 18th
5-Dec-2015 Underrail Dev Log #43: Release Date - December 21st
9-Nov-2015 Underrail Dev Log #42: Updating Old Areas
14-Aug-2015 Underrail Dev Log #41: Noise System, Vacation
13-Jul-2015 Underrail Dev Log #40: Deep Caverns Slideshow
29-May-2015 Underrail Dev Log #39: Housing, New Psi, Deep Caverns Preview
31-Mar-2015 Underrail Dev Log #38: Final Early Access update, game to be released by summer
2-Feb-2015 Underrail Dev Log #37: The Institute of Tchort, and other upcoming updates
11-Dec-2014 Underrail Dev Log #36: Version Released + Development Roadmap
28-Oct-2014 Underrail Dev Log #35: Portraits and Music
29-Sep-2014 Underrail Dev Log #34: With Fire and Brimstone
7-Aug-2014 Underrail Dev Log #33: Version Released
8-Jul-2014 Underrail Dev Log #32: The Core City
23-May-2014 Underrail Dev Log #31: New Meds, Psi, and Weapons; Core City Sneak Peek
19-Apr-2014 Let's learn how not to make totally useless characters in vastly updated UnderRail
8-Nov-2013 Underrail Preview at GameBanshee
25-Oct-2013 Underrail Dev Log #23: Expanding the Business & Balance Changes
24-Sep-2013 Underrail Released on Steam Early Access
28-Aug-2013 Underrail Greenlit by Steam
17-Apr-2013 Underrail Dev Log #16: Pickpocketing and Feats Changes
11-Mar-2013 Check out Felipepepe's awesome Underrail trailer
16-Feb-2013 Underrail Interview at Indie-o-rama
10-Dec-2012 Underrail Available for Preorder at Gamersgate and Desura
25-Oct-2012 Underrail Dev Log #6: Food and Balance Changes
29-Sep-2012 Underrail Dev Log #4: Traps!
1-Sep-2012 Steam Greenlight: RPG Highlights
23-Aug-2012 Underrail, Postapocalyptic Turn-based RPG, Demo Now Available
16-Jun-2012 Underrail - alpha gameplay video
9-Jan-2011 Timelapse Vertigo Stealth Report
20-Aug-2010 Timelapse Vertigo - You can never have too many Sci-Fi RPGs

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