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Underrail Dev Log #60: Expedition Trailer, Version Beta

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Underrail Dev Log #60: Expedition Trailer, Version Beta

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 21 December 2018, 15:49:15

Tags: Stygian Software; Underrail; Underrail: Expedition

The Underrail: Expedition expansion has been in closed alpha for the past few months. Styg and his team have just about finalized its final dungeon, which (surprise) has taken longer than expected. They've also continued to iterate on the game's mechanics, which you can try out yourself in a new experimental beta version of the base game now available on Steam. Details on all of this are available in the latest development update, which also announces the launching of store pages for the expansion on Steam and GOG. And of course, where there's a store page, there's a trailer.

Hi guys,

As a lot of you know, the expansion has been in closed alpha for a while now. This helped us weed out a lot of bugs from the available content (which doesn't include the last dungeon) and we would like to thank our dedicated alpha testers for their time. Without them it would take much much longer to get the DLC to run properly and smoothly and we surely would not have found as many bugs. This is not the end of alpha, though, as it will remain in place (likely) to the very release.

Speaking of release, we have the store pages up now (Steam; GOG) with a brand new trailer, so check it out. You can't pre-purchase it, but you can wishlist it.

In preparation for the eventual release (it will happen) I'm pushing the version on the experimental branch. In regards to the original game, this update has a bit of everything, including fixes for some old persistent bugs, but also this is the code that runs the current build of Expedition and I want to make sure it doesn't break anything in the base game before we finally release the DLC.

To play experimental branch on Steam, you right click the game in your library and go to "Betas" tab. To do so on GOG, you select the game and choose More->Settings. Make sure you don't override all your live version saves just in case something goes horribly wrong.

And finally, in regards to DLC development, the final dungeon is just about done. Though the dungeon is very small, we developed a lot of custom content for it specifically, so it took longer than expected (per usual). After we're done with the final dungeon we'll need some time to wrap things up and do some final testing and then the game is good to go.

That's it for now. Let us know what you thought of the trailer and the new experimental version. Enjoy the holidays and hopefully take some break from work like we will.

Merry Christmas! Christ is born!
The full update includes an extensive changelog for the new experimental version. Oh and before you ask, the release date on the expansion's Steam store page is just "2019", which is rather obvious at this point. It does sound like it's going to be early 2019, though. Hopefully!

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