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Underrail Dev Log #70: Version - Method and Madness

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Underrail Dev Log #70: Version - Method and Madness

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 30 June 2021, 23:49:15

Tags: Stygian Software; Underrail

Underrail received its fourth major content update today, entitled Method and Madness. The update adds new psi abilities and new items to the game, but the main highlight seems to be the addition of an alternative entrance into the Institute of Tchort. It also includes a new dungeon. Here's the summary from the latest development update:

Hi guys,

We're rolling out a new content update. The main features of this update are new psi abilities for the three psionic schools of the base game, new items, and an alternative entrance into the Institute of Tchort, which becomes available at the appropriate time.

We also added an interesting new dungeon that can be accessed from somewhere in the Upper Underrail, so you might want to revisit those areas again.

I won't spoil the psi abilities; you'll have to find them out yourself. We haven't added any new temporal manipulation psi abilities, but we're likely to do that in a later update. The problem with TM is that it's designed to be limited in its offensive capabilities, in a sense that it's meant to deal its damage through a single delayed effect. And on the other hand, it's already overloaded with utility. This makes it quite hard to come up with something that would fit well into the school without making it even more unreasonably useful. We have some ideas, but they will need more developing.

We are due for just one more content update before we shift fully to the Infusion project. From that point onwards there will be minor addition to the game, at least until the Infusion is released. But more on that in the next dev log.

Let us know how you like the additions and changes.

As usual, you can check out the full update for a detailed changelog. One more of these to go. It'll be nice to hear about Infusion again.

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