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Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #14: City of Neketaka, Sidekicks Stretch Goal, Tyranny Discount

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Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #14: City of Neketaka, Sidekicks Stretch Goal, Tyranny Discount

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 18 February 2017, 00:01:19

Tags: Bobby Null; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire; Tyranny

The Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Fig campaign took in a big chunk of investment money today, putting it over the $2.8M mark and unlocking the orchestra, level cap and subclasses stretch goal. As I anticipated, Obsidian were ready with a new update introducing Neketaka, Deadfire's major city, but also an unexpected stretch goal. When the campaign reaches $3.25M of funding, the game will receive four "sidekicks" - basically simpler, BG1-like companions that don't have sidequests and aren't integrated into the relationship system. But I'll let you read about those in the update. Onward to Neketaka, with a video and introduction by lead designer Bobby Null:

The one and only metropolis in the Deadfire is Neketaka. You may ask yourself, why only one big city this time around? While having two big cities in the first game was an awesome experience, looking back, the team felt splitting them into two made neither one as amazing as it could have been. This time around we wanted to make a bigger city than Defiance Bay or Twin Elms, but smaller than the two combined. Coupled with some awesome new features and overall direction, Neketaka should feel like the fantasy city you’ve always wanted to explore. Below I’ll list some goals we had and how we plan on achieving them.

Goal: Build a city that feels different from anything in Pillars I and/or other Infinity Engine games, while not being so different as to feel alien.

  • Build a city vertically. The district structure you expect in this type of game still exists, but some of these districts are organized vertically as shown in the video.
  • Add parallax features. To really sell the idea of a mountainous island, we’ve added multiple parallax layers to the art scenes for some spectacular views.
  • Architecture varies based on the cultures that dominate the districts. Vailian buildings and locations are distinct from Huana and Rautai locations.
Goal: Create a city that feels more alive than our previous work. Retain and reinforce the “fantasy scale” of a massive city.

  • The new city map and encounters– This map shows the size of a truly impressive city without the need to model every home, alley and citizen. We’re creating interstitial content when traversing districts on the map. These take the form of special combat and narrative encounters, as well as randomized events. Meet a strange fortune teller that may reveal cryptic prophecies about your future. Cross paths with a drunken noble with a large coin purse lost in the dangerous back-alleys of Neketaka. These encounters take place in scripted interactions as well as on all-new, city street scenes. It is important to note that many of these encounters still include choice & consequence and none are of the “fight x generic enemies” variety.
  • The time of day matters. Ambient NPCs use schedules to live their lives in Neketaka, but so do many of the quest NPCs. This allows us to add creative, and sometimes hidden, ways for players to solve problems/quests. Wait for an NPC to go outside and take a smoke break before picking his pocket for that key you need. Follow an NPC to the bathhouse and eavesdrop on a conversation to gain some juicy information. Infiltrate a location in the dead of night to avoid any unwanted civilian casualties.

The update also announces another leg of Fulvano's Voyage (they've already reached another one since it went up), the opening of a new $65 "Ultimate Digital Edition" tier with additional digital goodies (no in-game stuff, though), and perhaps most interestingly, the addition of a Tyranny Steam discount coupon as a reward for all backers. Backers at the $29 tier will get a 33% discount, and $45 and above get a 50% discount. That's a pretty decent perk.

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