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Articles associated with this tag:

11-Jan-2017 RPG Codex Review: Tyranny - You'd Think An Overlord Could Keep It Up
30-Nov-2016 RPG Codex Review: Tyranny - Kyros Demands Better
22-Sep-2016 RPG Codex Report: Gamescom 2016 - Expeditions: Viking, Tyranny, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Styx and more
24-May-2016 RPG Codex Interview: Feargus Urquhart at Digital Dragons 2016
21-Jul-2020 Matt Chat 454: Brian Heins on South Park: The Stick of Truth and his Early Career
7-Jul-2020 Matt Chat 453: Brian Heins on Tyranny
21-May-2018 Paradox's Fredrik Wester and Shams Jorjani on Tyranny 2 and Bloodlines 2
7-Sep-2017 Tyranny: Bastard's Wounds Expansion Released
2-Sep-2017 Obsidian Media Blitz: Pillars of Eternity II and Tyranny: Bastard's Wound Interviews
23-Aug-2017 Tyranny Bastard's Wound expansion releasing on September 7th
15-Aug-2017 Matt MacLean on Tyranny's upcoming Bastard's Wound expansion at PC Invasion
22-Jun-2017 Winners of the MS Paint your way to a copy of Tyranny or PoE with GOG
13-Jun-2017 Tyranny gets New Game+ patch and Event Pack DLC, Bastard's Wound expansion coming later this year
25-May-2017 GOG celebrates RPG Week, MS Paint your way to a copy of Tyranny or Pillars of Eternity
16-May-2017 Paradox admit Tyranny sold below expectations, DLC still in the works
21-Mar-2017 Pillars of Eternity II SEC filing confirms Tyranny DLC on the way
26-Feb-2017 Feargus Urquhart talks Pillars of Eternity II and future Obsidian games at GameBanshee
18-Feb-2017 Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #14: City of Neketaka, Sidekicks Stretch Goal, Tyranny Discount
4-Feb-2017 Feargus Urquhart Interview on IGN Unfiltered
10-Nov-2016 Tyranny Released
4-Nov-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary Video #3: Gameplay and Mechanics
1-Nov-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #13: Companion Overview - Sirin
27-Oct-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #12: The Spires
17-Oct-2016 Tyranny Previews - Gameplay Footage and Conquest Mode Details
13-Oct-2016 Tyranny to release on November 10th of this year, gets new trailer and pre-order DLC
11-Oct-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #11: Companion Overview - Kills-in-Shadow
6-Oct-2016 Tyranny Progression and Skills Stream
28-Sep-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #10: Companion Overview - Eb
23-Sep-2016 Tyranny Spellcrafting and Dungeon Crawl Stream
23-Sep-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary Video #2: Artistry in the Game
8-Sep-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #9: Beasts and Bane
6-Sep-2016 Obsidian Panel on Narrative and Choice & Consequence at PAX West 2016
3-Sep-2016 Brian Heins introduces Tyranny's Disfavored faction at Polygon
23-Aug-2016 Tyranny Gamescom 2016 Previews at PCGamesN and RPGWatch
20-Aug-2016 Brian Heins interviewed by Rocket Beans TV and GameStar at Gamescom 2016
17-Aug-2016 Tyranny Intro Movie and Character Creation Stream + Dev Diary Video #1
15-Aug-2016 Tyranny Interview at GameBanshee
13-Aug-2016 Interview with the Tyranny Writing Team at Game Revolution
10-Aug-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #8: Companion Overview - Lantry
27-Jul-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #7: Companion Overview - Verse
13-Jul-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #6: Companion Overview - Barik
29-Jun-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #5: Combat Mechanics
22-Jun-2016 Tyranny E3 2016 Previews, Gameplay Footage, Screenshots
16-Jun-2016 Tyranny Gameplay Snippets on Twitch E3 2016 Broadcast
14-Jun-2016 PC Gaming Show at E3 2016: Tyranny Gameplay Reveal Trailer
8-Jun-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #4: Meet the Archons
25-May-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #3: Being a Fatebinder
19-May-2016 Feargus Urquhart talks about Tyranny, Bloodlines 2 and Obsidian's Future at Gamepressure
4-May-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #2: The Basic Character System
21-Apr-2016 Tyranny Dev Diary #1: The Vision for Tyranny
8-Apr-2016 Brian Heins talks about Tyranny and the nature of evil at PCGamesN
26-Mar-2016 Interviews with Brian Heins and Josh Sawyer at USGamer
22-Mar-2016 Tyranny GDC 2016 Previews
16-Mar-2016 Obsidian's next game is Tyranny, an isometric RPG set in a fantasy world where evil won

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