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Tyranny Dev Diary #12: The Spires

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Tyranny Dev Diary #12: The Spires

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 27 October 2016, 19:15:44

Tags: Brian Heins; Nick Carver; Obsidian Entertainment; Paradox Interactive; Tyranny

Brian Heins and Nick Carver did another one of their Tyranny dev streams on Paradox's Twitch channel last night. The topic this time was the game's stronghold system, which is rather unique. Tyranny's stronghold isn't one single structure, but a network of towers known as Spires that rise up from the Oldwall ruins that span across the Tiers. I was going to write a detailed summary of how the Spires work, but the new dev diary update Obsidian published today has done the work for me. Here's the stream and an excerpt:

Two of the most prominent features of the world of Terratus are the Oldwalls and the Spires. We mentioned the Oldwalls in our update about the Bane and showed some gameplay inside the Oldwalls in a previous stream. The Spires play a prominent role in the game’s narrative, and also serve as the location for the player’s base.

As you explore the Tiers you have the opportunity to gain access to several of these Spires. Claiming a Spire unlocks several gameplay benefits:

Reduced Travel Time: Each Spire is magically linked with the others. Once activated, you can teleport between your spires, reducing your travel time through the Tiers.

Upgrading Your Spires: Once you’ve acquired a Spire, you can spend money to build an upgrade on top of the Spire. You can find the details of each upgrade below. Each upgrade provides different benefits to your party, among them providing different rest bonuses when you rest at your Spire. You receive the bonuses for all of your upgrades when you rest at any of your spires.

Hiring Recruits: Once an upgrade has been built on top of a spire, you can begin hiring recruits to work for you at that upgrade. Recruits provide several functions for your party: they can train your party members in skills, they can sell unique weapons and armor, and they can produce new items for your party while they’re out adventuring.

Recruits can come from many different factions in the game, including from your enemies. With the right price, some members of factions that hate you are more than willing to work for you at your Spire. Some recruits are only available if you make certain choices during Conquest.​

The full update has the details on the four upgrades you can construct on your Spires - the Infirmary, the Library, the Forge and the Training Grounds. As you can see, it's a much more elaborate and useful system than Pillars of Eternity's stronghold. It's unclear, however, whether it'll have "events" that you need to deal with like Caed Nua's visits, quests and invasions.

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