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Tyranny Progression and Skills Stream

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Tyranny Progression and Skills Stream

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Thu 6 October 2016, 19:29:27

Tags: Brian Heins; Nick Carver; Obsidian Entertainment; Tyranny

As promised in last month's stream, there was another Tyranny livestream on Twitch yesterday. This time it was on Obsidian's own channel, and perhaps for that reason it was more interesting than usual. Hosted by Brian Heins and designers Nick Carver and Kevin Jordan, the stream gave a comprehensive look at several of the game's character progression systems. Namely, the talent trees, the reputation system (which unlocks the companion combos), and the skill system. These systems are demonstrated in a short scenario wherein the Fatebinder and his party are tasked with rooting out some rebels in a wilderness area. In one playthrough, the rebels are all massacred, and in the second, a more peaceful approach is attempted.

The skill system in particular is rather interesting, and worth elaborating upon. In combat, many of Tyranny's skills only improve to the extent that they contribute to damage dealing. For example, if you cast a buff spell, that spell's skill increases proportionately to the combat effectiveness of the buffed character - merely casting it is not enough. If you resolve an encounter non-violently, your skills are instead increased across the board proportionately (ie, your higher skills increase more), and quest experience works the same way. It sounds like it could be a fun mechanic for powergamers, and it also prevents Elder Scrolls-style grinding.

As for the future, according to Brian, there will be more Tyranny streams this month, as well as unspecified other news. Come on, release date.

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