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Brian Heins interviewed by Rocket Beans TV and GameStar at Gamescom 2016

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Brian Heins interviewed by Rocket Beans TV and GameStar at Gamescom 2016

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Sat 20 August 2016, 20:16:25

Tags: Brian Heins; Obsidian Entertainment; Paradox Interactive; Tyranny

The two German gaming sites that interviewed Brian Fargo the other day, Rocket Beans TV and GameStar, have published Gamescom interviews with Tyranny game director Brian Heins as well. As with Torment, the interview videos contain snippets of new gameplay footage, offering us a glimpse at some of the game's early locations, as well as the best look at its UI that we've gotten so far. Once again, the Rocket Beans interview is the more substantial of the two (despite the rather ditzy interviewers), so that's what I'll embed here:

Brian reveals that the next Tyranny dev diary is going to be about the game's spellcrafting system (which he offers to show to the interviewers, so it'll probably be a major topic of the post-Gamescom previews as well). He won't say exactly when the game is coming out, but at one point admits that he's going to be working on bugfixing and balancing "for the next month or so", which may be a clue. He also says that Obsidian are talking to Paradox about the possibility of expansions or DLC.

Other highlights of the Rocket Beans interview include the interviewers interrogating Brian about his opinion of Fallout 4 (which he handles as diplomatically as he can), and a question about what sort of games he'd like to work on in the future (a "magic in real life" low fantasy RPG or a Cold War spy RPG). In the course of answering the latter question, Brian confirms that Obsidian are not working on a Vampire: The Masquerade game. Sorry folks! Although it is nice to get a straight answer about something for once.

P.S. Brian also had a seven minute appearance on yesterday's Gamescom Twitch broadcast, but the less said about that, the better.

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