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Tyranny Spellcrafting and Dungeon Crawl Stream

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Tyranny Spellcrafting and Dungeon Crawl Stream

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Fri 23 September 2016, 22:50:56

Tags: Brian Heins; Mikey Dowling; Nick Carver; Obsidian Entertainment; Paradox Interactive; Tyranny

Obsidian broadcasted some Tyranny gameplay on Paradox's Twitch channel yesterday, in a livestream hosted by game director Brian Heins, systems designer Nick Carver and community manager Mikey Dowling. The stream was pretty much an extended look at what game journalists (including our own Bubbles and JarlFrank) got to see at Gamescom last month. After fiddling with the spellcrafting system a bit, Brian, Nick and Mikey embarked on a lengthy crawl into the Oldwalls dungeon, fighting numerous Banes, collecting various artifacts and solving minor puzzles. Unlike Gamescom however, they were playing the game on Hard difficulty, which led to several companion knockouts during the harder battles and a total party wipe against the dungeon's final boss. Paradox uploaded a video of the stream to their YouTube channel today, so you can see for yourself:

As they played the game, Brian answered various questions from Twitch chat. Unfortunately there's still no answer to the most important question of when the release date is, but he did say they're doing another stream in two weeks, so maybe it won't be long now.

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