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Soviet Fallout homage ATOM RPG now on Kickstarter

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Soviet Fallout homage ATOM RPG now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 22 April 2017, 02:02:55


ATOM RPG is a Fallout-inspired RPG from Eastern Europe, the latest in the genre often derisively termed "Russian shovelware Fallout clones". This one seems more high quality than most, though. The developers, who call themselves the ATOM Team, are apparently all experienced game development professionals, and their friendly representative on our forum, Atomboy, has made a good impression. The game was actually greenlit on Steam last year and it already has a Steam page. It's even got an exact release date - February 16, 2018 - and there's a free demo, too. So this is a game that's probably coming out no matter what. Nevertheless, the Atom Team have decided to seek out additional funding on Kickstarter. Here's their pitch video and overview:

The deterioration in relations between Eastern and Western blocs in the 1979 has led to a full-blown Armageddon between nuclear powers in the year 1986. The War was swift, devastating and brutal… The fact that humanity persevered was miraculous.

Nineteen years have passed and it’s 2005. Both once great Empires and their allies now lie in ruins, but on top of those ruins new civilizations are slowly emerging...

This story takes place on a small patch of land in the south part of the USSR where you take the role of an undercover operative from a secret bunker society called ATOM... Your mission is to find any traces of an expedition that recently stopped contacting the main base...

Game features
  • Nonlinearity: ATOM is an open world role-playing game! You are not going through a corridor, you are investigating a mystery. And this could be achieved in numerous ways. There are no artificial boundaries in the world of ATOM. Oh, and there are no "essential characters" in the game. So everybody is a "fair game" ;)
  • Characters: There will be more than 300 characters in the game. ALL of them with their unique personalities, portraits and dialogues!
  • Encounters and Quests: There are numerous side missions, hidden adventure-like puzzles and secrets scattered around the Wastes. Even the smallest tasks can lead to a big and intricate side story, open some details about the world or somehow interconnect with the main quest! And of course, like in every self-respecting RPG there's always more than one way of dealing with them.
  • Combat: A turn-based combat system isn't just a nod to the legendary generation of CRPGs. For us, it's also an aesthetic choice. What's the point of combat, when you can't enjoy your every thought-through move, your every step, shot or punch? What's the point of victory, when it wasn't precisely planned in a cunning strategic move?
  • Weapons and Items: There will be more than 30 available weapons in the full version of the game. Soviet weaponry, makeshift shivs and guns as well as some secret weapons from the Western bloc the existence of which in the game world will be neatly tied to the lore!
  • Soundtrack: The soundtrack is heavily inspired by Eduard Artemyev and other Soviet era electronic composers, ranging from ambient to synth-wave!

Looks a lot like Wasteland 2, doesn't it? If you'd like to chip in, a copy of ATOM RPG will cost you just $15. It's got 42 more days to reach its humble funding goal of $15,000. That seems doable.

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