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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #18: Camping Unlocked, Extra Story Chapter Stretch Goal

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #18: Camping Unlocked, Extra Story Chapter Stretch Goal

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 28 June 2017, 19:43:24

Tags: Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Kingmaker

The Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter campaign hit $550k today, unlocking the camping system stretch goal that was announced two weeks ago. For their next stretch goal, Owlcat are going straight to $700k. If they manage to raise that much, an additional chapter will be added to the game. It looks like it will involve a high level showdown with the fey queen who is the mastermind behind the events in the original Kingmaker module - or perhaps, the masterminds behind her. The new Kickstarter update has the details:

We are excited to unveil the expansion of the story of the Stolen Lands. While it's difficult to describe the story of these additional adventures without major spoilers, it is safe to tell you that this additional chapter will make it easier for you to get all the way up to level 20. Threats and encounters in this chapter will be challenging for even the most powerful heroes, so be prepared to face the deadliest, meanest and scariest foes.

One request, which has been made by our community time and time again was for a Mac release. So we are excited to unveil that the second part of this stretch goal is bringing the Pathfinder experience to Mac & Linux platforms.

As we were typing this update, a gust of wind rushed in, bringing several leaves and a mysterious letter addressed to you, Pathfinders. We are presenting it below, but be warned! For those of you not familiar with the Kingmaker Adventure Path, this message may contain major spoilers!

"My dear Pathfinder!

I am the true master to the Stolen Lands! Bow before me for I am the Guile of the fey people! For centuries I have sharpened the claws meant for a single strike at your unguarded back. I am the Hatred of the First World, for I can split the closest of friends. I am the Rebellion of the Stolen Lands, for no kingdom could chain me. What makes you think you could win where your betters had fallen like autumn leaves?

Bow your head down so your crown would fall and roll before my feet.

The webs of my scheming are impossible to comprehend for a mere mortal. Do you feel the breeze weaving in the grass? Do you hear a raven's caw from the leaf's shade? My agents are vigilant, watching you from the moment you set your foot in my lands. Oh, they are many, my puppets, my toys. The blind I've charmed, hunting for a single word leaving my lips. The fools, thinking they would be rewarded for their years of servitude. The dimwits, believing their choices and actions were their own. The rich and the poor, the generals and their soldiers, the webs of my agents envelop the Stolen Lands and reach out beyond them.

It is possible that some of the masks they wear are already known to you. I'd savor the expression your face will gain when the truth reveals itself. A moment of revelation before feeling a cold blade tearing into your flesh.

If by any chance the impossible would occur - if you somehow survive long enough to come to my parlor in the Thousand Voices... well... perhaps, you could be useful to me after all. Perhaps, we could open a new chapter to this story, together, you and I? Could you be the one to help me break the millennium-old curse reigning over me?

If the fate would take me during our encounter, so be it. But know, that I have powerful benefactors, who would take notice. Know that the disasters you've so valiantly fought before are a stroll compared to the misery your kingdom and your whole life would become should you anger them.

Enter the Stolen Lands if you dare, Pathfinder.
Kingmaker's funding rate seems to have picked up a little since the game hit its base funding goal, so this goal seems within reach. It's a bit weird to have a major stretch goal that only players of the original pen-and-paper module will really understand, though.

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