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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #27: Extra Chapter Unlocked, Goblin Companion Stretch Goal

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #27: Extra Chapter Unlocked, Goblin Companion Stretch Goal

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 10 July 2017, 01:15:53

Tags: Chris Avellone; Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Kingmaker

The Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter campaign is entering its final 48 hours, and the big money has started pouring in. Earlier today, Owlcat published an interesting Kickstarter update about the Stolen Lands, the region of the Pathfinder world that the game is set in, and the various factions operating there.


To the north lies Brevoy — a turbulent land of byzantine intrigues and generations-long feuds. Stitched together from two different nations, Brevoy never became truly united. Two centuries ago a ruthless warlord known as Choral the Conqueror has taken over Issia and Rostland. These two countries shared a long history of wars, and the warlord united them into a single kingdom, held together by little more than the iron grasp of Choral himself and his noble house Rogarvia. For the following two centuries, the Brevic politics became an undercover power struggle between two former nations' ruling elites: Issian noble houses and Rostland's Aldori Swordlords — a loose association of noble families, bound together by the secrets of the Aldori school of sword fighting and an agreement known as the Swordpact. Decade after decade, these uneasy bedfellows smiled at each other, secretly waiting for the ideal moment to stab each other in the back.

A decade ago, every member of house Rogarvia suddenly disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a power vacuum pregnant with strife that could easily turn into a civil war. Running out of options, the Aldori Swordlords made a risky political move: they helped an unknown adventurer to establish an independent nation in the unclaimed Stolen Lands, hoping to nurture an ally for themselves. Only time will show if this plan will save them, or backfire terribly.

River Kingdoms

A chaotic conglomerate of large and small domains, united by a vast river system, collectively known as the great river Sellen, and by their taste for freedom. There are more than a dozen "kingdoms" with vastly different political systems, ranging from tyranny to anarchy. While the fledgling nation you establish isn't technically one of the River Kingdoms, once you prove yourself a force to be reckoned with, your neighbors will turn their eyes to you.

Your southern neighbor is Mivon — a nation established by Aldori Swordlords who preferred a life in exile to Choral the Conqueror's yoke. Mivon proudly calls itself a meritocracy — a place where only the best are allowed into the positions of power. How do they decide who is the best? Why, by a fair duel, of course! To take a governmental position, one has to fight their way up the List of Suitors, then challenge and defeat the current official.

Beyond your western border is Pitax — a flourishing center of culture and commerce, or a wretched den of smugglers, swindlers, gamblers and talentless hacks, depending on whom you ask. It is ruled by king Irovetti, who won the crown from its previous holder in a game of cards. Cunning, ruthless and vain, Irovetti has expanded Pitax's influence and established the Academy of Grand Arts, hoping to go down in history as a benevolent patron of high culture, not just another crime lord. Unfortunately, his favorite genre of art is "praised be the great lord Irovetti", so the Academy ended up becoming a choir of boot-licking sycophants where it's hard for a talent to flourish. Nevertheless, Pitax has attracted its share of artists, and some of the Academy's former students proudly wear their expulsion from it on their sleeves, as a sign of artistic integrity.


To the northwest lies Numeria — a harsh, unforgiving realm of barren wastelands, littered with wreckage of a metal star ship that crashed here in time immemorial. Numeria has few permanent settlements, as it's populated by nomadic barbarian tribes. Some of them struggle to survive on their own. Some bow to Kevoth-Kul, the self-appointed Black Sovereign of Numeria, and his allies, the mysterious Technic League. Less scrupulous tribes resort to piracy, banditry or even slave trade. More noble tribes sell their blades to the highest bidder. Ferocity of the Numerian mercenaries is well known in the River Kingdoms. And if you hold to your throne for long enough, you'll inevitably meet them — the only question is, will they fight on your side, or against you?​

That update also includes a video demonstrating the dynamic spell audio system that Owlcat have developed. But there are more important matters to attend to now. The $700k extra story chapter stretch goal has just been unlocked, and it looks like the crucial $800k archetypes stretch goal might just be within reach. For now though, Owlcat are announcing the significantly less likely $900k stretch goal. Taking a page out of Siege of Dragonspear's book, if the campaign reaches that amount, a new companion will be added to the game - Nok-Nok the goblin rogue. Sound silly to you? Well, the new Kickstarter update has a description of him by none other than Chris Avellone.

The goblins of Golarion have a bad reputation, to be sure. Of course, that’s usually the perspective of someone who hasn’t spent much time around goblins and has never seen the positives goblins have to offer.

For example, goblins can be especially devoted. Whether to their four goblin hero-gods, or to you. Of course, their attempts to earn your favor can be much like the family cat leaving dead animals on your door step, except it might be someone’s fingers. Such is the way with our goblin hero Nok-Nok, which is much like the sound his skull makes when his tribesmen beat it with clubs. (Which happened enough that he was mistaken for a drum at times.) He’s not only eager to help, but he’s incredibly effective in tormenting your enemies until they beg for mercy – or a swift death.

At the start of Kingmaker, however, Nok-Nok’s fallen on difficult times – very difficult times, as his tribe intends to use him as a sacrifice. You’re the only one who can save him… and as far as Nok-Nok is concerned, your arrival is divine proof that he’s destined for greatness. He should know, because as he explains, he’s the fifth goblin god, and you’ve earned his favor.

As it turns out, Nok-Nok aspires to be more than a warty, scabby head-drum – he is convinced that he is a deity-to-be. He’s just having some difficulty making anyone else realize it. He can recite many tales of heroics and can expound at great length on how he’s bravely fled from dogs, how he set fire to his own hair when he couldn’t find firewood (he neglected to cut it from his head first), and how he’s learned how to block kicks and punches by using his head as a shield. And that’s just the beginning of his legendary journey to greatness.

Nok-Nok is a skilled thief. He excels in scuttling about, valiantly stabbing enemies in the back, and setting off every trap in the area (so much so, Nok-Nok’s attempts to disarm a trap come very close to being literal – the trap usually threatens to dis-arm him). He does, however, have an incredible resistance to pain, attracts an unusual coterie of “pets,” and embraces various junk and trinkets you find on your journey as if they were hard-won trophies of his heroics.

If you lend him a helping hand, Nok-Nok’s quick to call you family – play your cards right, and he might even let you be among his worshippers of Nok-Nok (the Fifth, or in his words “the Fith” or sometimes, in other’s words, “the Filth”).
The update doesn't outright state it, but I'm guessing that Chris will be writing this guy. It sounds like he could be fun, but the archetypes are probably still more important. If the campaign doesn't make it to $900k, then maybe they can reach him with post-campaign PayPal funding.

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