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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #31: Archetypes Unlocked, New Race Stretch Goal

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #31: Archetypes Unlocked, New Race Stretch Goal

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 11 July 2017, 20:27:33

Tags: Alexander Mishulin; Chris Avellone; Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Last night Owlcat Games broadcast some Pathfinder: Kingmaker on their Twitch channel. It was a solid hour and fifty minutes of gameplay, with commentary from Chris Avellone and creative director Alexander Mishulin. It's about time - if you ask me, they should have been showing the game off from the very beginning. It looks nice, with a deliberately slow pace that will appeal to some people. The stream was uploaded to Owlcat's YouTube channel a few hours ago:

Now we're in the final stretch of the Kickstarter campaign. It hit $800k of funding earlier today, unlocking the archetypes stretch goal. I'm not sure there's time to reach the $900k goblin companion stretch goal that was announced on Sunday before the campaign ends, but that hasn't stopped Owlcat from following their routine and announcing one final $1M dollar stretch goal. Should the campaign somehow raise that amount (perhaps after the campaign via PayPal), a new race will be added to the game. Which race, you ask? The backers will decide that. The Kickstarter update explains:

WOW! It took just a little more than one day to fund the Archetypes! You are absolutely incredible!

Now, not only the narrative designers run around the office with ideas about the Extra chapter, but all system designers also rub their hands in anticipation — oh those mighty builds they would love to add to the game. Post your comments and let us know what would you prefer to play!

Our excitement goes through the roof - with your overwhelming support, we feel like there are no limits to the expansion of the game! And as we start our race towards the Goblin companion, it is time to reveal one more stretch goal for you. It is just one day left on Kickstarter, but let’s see how far we can go!

We believe that a maximum character variety is paramount, and races are an aspect we haven’t addressed yet in the stretch goals. We are happy to cover the basic set of playable races - human, dwarfs, half-elves, elves, half-orcs, gnomes, halflings – nevertheless, we would love to deepen the character customization even more.

So (drumroll!) the $1.0M stretch goal is… a New playable race!

And to make it even more fun, we have another surprise for you. It seems we can't make up our minds about which race to add; too many temptations... So let us turn to YOU for this decision! We will provide three options that match the Pathfinder: Kingmaker best, and let you select your favorite through a poll. The races to choose from are still in discussion with our partners from Paizo, but we will come up with the available options as soon as we start funding for that goal.
Determined to make as much of their time as possible, Owlcat published another Kickstarter update today to discuss the art design of Kingmaker's characters. This has definitely been a high effort campaign. Sometimes it was strangely amateurish, but it always had something to show. This is probably the last update we're going to post before the game is funded, but the Codex isn't done with Kingmaker yet. We've arranged for a last minute Codex fundraiser to get something cool into the game. Stay tuned for more details about that.

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