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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #34: Funded, Goblin Companion Unlocked

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Update #34: Funded, Goblin Companion Unlocked

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 12 July 2017, 23:00:03

Tags: Alexander Mishulin; Alexey Drobyshevsky; Oleg Shpilchevsky; Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Just a few days ago some people were sure the Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter campaign wouldn't reach $800k of funding. Well, the campaign concluded last night with a total of $918,313 including PayPal. Chris Avellone's goblin companion is in. Owlcat's celebratory Kickstarter update explains what'll happens next:

After 35 days of the most intensive ride in our life, 18,508 backers (157 from backer portal), over 4,000 comments, and a final total of $918,313 (plus $9,256 from PayPal), the Kickstarter campaign for Pathfinder: Kingmaker has come to an end!

Simply saying that we are grateful would me a massive understatement. We're not gonna lie - of course preparing for our campaign felt exciting, but the very idea can also be rather scary! You can never be completely sure whether or not people will like your idea. Will people be as passionate about a Pathfinder cRPG as we are? Will we have enough time and reach to gain credibility? All these concerns made us very nervous. When we clicked the "Publish" button on Kickstarter it was a leap of faith.

You filled us with a new level of motivation. Every single day of the Kickstarter campaign your enthusiasm and support has reassured us and given us hope. You have eradicated all doubt - we know for sure that our ideas are appreciated. It's like learning that you are not alone in the universe. :)

And all your comments and feedback - we feel extremely excited to read and collaborate on what you share with us. That was one of the main dreams of the entire campaign - to bring the future community of fans into the heart of the development process.

By any measure, you helped us exceed our expectations and we are grateful beyond limits to you for you present us with chance to spend a magic year developing the game we dreamed of!

What's Next?

Now comes the best part - we have to complete the game! We had a strong vision, an experienced team and great support from Paizo. Now with your endorsement, the last part of the puzzle is put in place. We feel a lot of responsibility to both deliver on our vision and satisfy your expectations. That won't be easy but with your help we believe nothing can stop us.
Some of you asked if there will be any delays to our planned release, now that we've knocked out all those stretch goals. Fear not! We are going to involve some new people in the coming months to be able to implement new features and content and and do the best to keep the deadline intact.

Alpha tests

We will strive to start alpha tests as soon as possible. As inevitably as Fall comes, those of you who have access to the alpha test stage will receive an invitation to share your thoughts with us about our early version. If you're a Mac or Linux player, please understand what there won't be enough time to release an alpha client for your version.

Backer portal

For those of you how wanted to support us, but didn't have a chance, we will also continue to raise money on our own portal. Right now not all tiers are represented - we are going to complete our tier list and add limited tiers on the portal in several days after the Kickstarter campaign will be over. Our preorder page accepts PayPal and other means of payment. We will continue to add new stretch goals as we can. Please be aware that reward prices will be changed after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Pretty soon all backers will be able to manage their pledges on our portal. You will get an e-mail with a link to the Pathfinder: Kingmaker backer portal and all required instructions. On the site, you will be able to confirm your pledge and customize your options, like shirt sizes, for any reward you have chosen.

Of course, we will continue to openly post about development, as we do during the campaign. And if you want to stay informed, please follow our: Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channel.

As I said yesterday, this was definitely a content-dense campaign, and it's hard to fault it even if it didn't blow up as much as other crowdfunding campaigns have. Owlcat even lined up another stretch goal for $1.1M an hour before the campaign ended, to expand the game's lawful evil Hellknights faction. It makes me wonder what they would have added if the campaign had broken into the millions of dollars. I don't know if there's any chance of reaching that goal with post-campaign PayPal funding, but the $1M new race stretch goal might still be a possibility. You can help Owlcat reach it by contributing to our fundraiser, which is now apparently the cheapest place on the Internet to acquire a copy of Kingmaker. Tell all your friends about it!

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