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BattleTech Kickstarter Update #48: Releasing in April, Basics Video #1

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BattleTech Kickstarter Update #48: Releasing in April, Basics Video #1

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 28 February 2018, 01:10:06

Tags: BattleTech; Harebrained Schemes; Jordan Weisman; Mike McCain; Mitch Gitelman; Paradox Interactive

We've known for a while that Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech was going to come out sometime early this year. Today we've learned which month, if not the exact date. The game will be releasing in April, which is turning out to be quite a hectic month. Let's hope they at least give Pillars II a few weeks distance. Paradox have put together a new trailer, which you can see in the game's latest Kickstarter update. It features Jordan Weisman, Mitch Gitelman and Mike McCain, and is the first in a three-part series of introductory videos:

BattleTech is now available for preorder on Steam, GOG, or directly from Paradox for the price of $40. There's some sort of silly mech skin preorder bonus, which Kickstarter backers also get of course. You might also be interested in last month's Kickstarter update, which listed some of the features that weren't going to make it for the game's release. Nothing too important I think, unless you really care about fan service cameos in the campaign.

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