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Beamdog appear to have been working on an isometric Weird West RPG

Beamdog appear to have been working on an isometric Weird West RPG

Company News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 8 April 2018, 16:14:31

Tags: Beamdog

Over the past couple of weeks, two Beamdog artists have been publishing some interesting pieces on their ArtStation profiles. It started with an image posted by lead environment artist Boyd McKenzie, which unusually had the clear appearance of being a live screenshot from some isometric RPG.

He described it thus:

The Autumn Ruins is a level I was prototyping for a product pitch in Unreal. The game is meant to be modern take on the oldschool isometric RPG genre. I was the only 3D artist on the project, along with a few 2D artists, and a technical artist.

These specific areas are showing some of the vistas that I was trying to create. Isometric games are generally fairly flat when it comes to the terrain. Due to the nature of the camera, it's also hard to get any sort of standard vista. I wanted to play with the idea of vertical depth as a theme throughout the level. The idea with this area is that some sort of paranormal event caused the land to fracture, revealing chasms to the 'Unseen' world.

While it not something that can be seen in a screenshot, another artistic pillar for me is making sure that nature is never still. Wind would move trees, blow leaves, and have a visual impact on the world. Anything paranormal was always flowing and undulating to give it life.
Note the distinctive wide-brimmed hats. On the same day that image was published, Beamdog concept artist Amy Cornelson posted some art featuring similarly-dressed characters, but it was the image she posted the day afterwards that left no room for doubt.

Yes, I do believe that's a Weird West game we're looking at, most likely cancelled. I imagine Beamdog will say that it was another one of their "exploration projects", like Planescape: Unraveled. That prototype screenshot certainly is tantalizing, however. Is this what David Gaider was working on?

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