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BattleTech Basics Video #3: Story + Mercenary Campaign Streams

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BattleTech Basics Video #3: Story + Mercenary Campaign Streams

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Thu 12 April 2018, 00:18:13

Tags: BattleTech; Harebrained Schemes; Jordan Weisman; Kiva Maginn; Mike McCain; Mitch Gitelman; Paradox Interactive

The third and final episode in Harebrained Schemes' series of BattleTech introductory videos is about the game's story. Which is kind of weird, because we just had a story trailer. At least it has some additional voice acting and animatic scenes that weren't in the previous one.

To make things more interesting, here's a one hour overview of BattleTech's campaign that Paradox and Harebrained streamed two weeks ago. They also did another stream last week that was solely about mech customization. A number of streamers have been allowed to stream a portion of the campaign since last week as well.

Now that it's finally been revealed less than a month before the game's release, the mechanics of the campaign have been the subject of much debate. It is pretty complex, but it also seems like Harebrained might have filed off a bit too many of its rough edges in the name of accessibility. The BattleTech fanbase is very vocal, so we'll see how things turn out.

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