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Kidney Quest: A point-and-click fundraiser where you need to save Steve The Developer - UPDATE

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Kidney Quest: A point-and-click fundraiser where you need to save Steve The Developer - UPDATE

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 19 October 2018, 06:52:07

Tags: Infamous Quests; Steven Alexander

Who's Steve I hear you ask. And it's a good question. Here's the dramatic tale:
On New Year's Eve in 2002 Steve was rushed to hospital. He'd been feeling unwell for a while but that evening he collapsed and after some tests, the doctors told him that his kidneys had failed and he needed a transplant. In November 2003, after eleven months of dialysis, Steve received his transplant. His father had donated one of his kidneys. Everything seemed fine.
Long story short, things didn't work out and now Steve needs to harvest the organs of another. This time a woman his wife.

But who is Steve?

Steve is known as Blackthorne here on the Codex and is a Creator/Designer at Infamous Quests, where he was as the Writer/Director/Producer of Quest for Infamy and Order of the Thorne.

At least that's what's in his signature.

We're doing our own fundraiser for Steve to help cover the costs. As a special incentive, we are giving everyone who donates to this campaign extra potato and a special forum badge because who doesn't love digital items that don't actually cost us anything to deliver?

As an extra special bonus, Steve has also promised that if it doesn't work out, we'll get to keep the kidney!

We'll be completing our fundraiser in the next couple of weeks (1 Nov), so if you haven't donated yet, go ahead and do so before you miss out on sweet kidney action.


Steve is throwing in anyone who donates to this campaign a copy of "Quest for Infamy: Roehm to Ruin" when it comes out. On any platform you like.

Peter Ohlmann of Ceres Games would also like to help. If we pass $3,000 he's throwing in a Codex guildhouse into his upcoming game. And if we pass $3,500, that guildhouse will have 10 named NPCs chosen by (or named after) the top 10 donors.

Because of these two new offers, we're extending the fundraiser for another 2 weeks until 17 Nov.

NOTE: Because of our recent switch to https, some donations weren't being recorded in the tally. That should have been fixed so that all donations from now on will be properly recorded (PM me if yours isn't). I'll be going through the donations received to PayPal to add any of those that were missed.

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