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Let's get Steve a kidney

Blackthorne needs a kidney

An indie developer needs a kidney.

Yeah, not to usurp this Hero-U thread, but my kidney history is messed up. I had my first transplant in 2003, donated from my father. At first the transplant went well, but a few months later they learned that my lymphatic channels didn't heal right, and they'd have to go in to relive the lymphocele by putting in a "peritoneal window" in my gut, so the fluid would drain to a cavity that would absorb it, in theory. However, during that surgery, the resident surgeon nicked the transplant, and in a panic they sewed me up, and pumped me full of fluid hoping to kickstart the kidney. That didn't work. Instead, it stopped, I swelled from fluid so bad, that the stitches in my centerline burst, my stomach ripped open and a bunch of my intestines fell out. While I was conscious, and my mother was in the goddam room. I got rushed to emergency surgery; the head of the transplant department was able to rearrange my guts and save the kidney, somewhat - it never worked quite right after, and my clearances were always shit. But I was off dialysis for almost three years. I was on dialysis for almost five years after that, and then in 2011, I got a call while I was in a grocery story. My second kidney came from a "cadaver" donor. Something they called a high-risk donor. The kid was an IV drug user - heroin. He OD'd and his parent signed the orders to donate while they kept him on life support. They tested the kidney for diseases and genetic testing, it matched me well, so in July 2011, I had my second transplant. In 2015, my labs started to dip a little; I attributed it to stress, work, etc... and then the birth of my kids. But my labs/levels (Glomular Filtration Rate) had been going down since Feb 2016. This year, it just kicked the bucket. My last GFR was 10. That means I have 10% function - ready for dialysis again. They've done a bunch of biopsies on me, and all signs point towards an auto-immune disease, Lupus, which I've probably had all my life but been unable to diagnose until now. I have one last genetic test to determine the full nature of the disease. That test costs $5,000.... it's insane. But if they can treat and control my lupus, hopefully this next kidney (From my wife, who is a match) will last longer.

Whew. Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to give a short recap.

All funds raised will be given to Blackthorne to buy a kidney. Probably from a Chinese political prisoner but who are we to judge? Now donate and feel better about yourself.

Campaign Started: 7-Aug-2018
Campaign End: 6-Dec-2018

Campaign Target: $5,000.00
Raised: $1,868.15

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# Name Date $$$
1 Anonymous 7-Aug-2018
2 Kalarion 23-Aug-2018
3 Piety 24-Aug-2018
4 Anonymous 2-Sep-2018
5 Fenris 2.0 10-Aug-2018
6 Azalin 7-Aug-2018
7 Bumvelcrow 8-Aug-2018
8 CruduxCruo 10-Aug-2018
9 Yaar Podshipnik 11-Aug-2018
10 TT1 17-Aug-2018
^ 50.00 - Donate more than $50.00 to get your name in the Top #10
11 Anac'raxus 19-Aug-2018
12 Boddler 21-Aug-2018
13 serch 24-Aug-2018
14 Koschey 26-Aug-2018
15 toro 7-Aug-2018
16 Mr. Pink 9-Aug-2018
17 Marquess Cornwallis 7-Aug-2018
18 Roehm 11-Aug-2018
19 Ippolit 7-Aug-2018
20 lightbane 8-Aug-2018
^ 30.00 - Donate more than $30.00 to get your name in the Top #20
21 Galdred 11-Aug-2018
22 Chippy 11-Aug-2018
23 Anonymous 25-Aug-2018
24 SausageInYourFace 7-Aug-2018
25 Anonymous 9-Aug-2018
26 Shackleton 12-Aug-2018
27 Dreed 16-Aug-2018
28 Tbone3336 21-Aug-2018
29 pOcHa 22-Aug-2018
30 wtrboy 16-Sep-2018
^ 25.00 - Donate more than $25.00 to get your name in the Top #30
31 mibbles 7-Oct-2018
32 Naveen 23-Aug-2018
33 Morality Games 7-Aug-2018
34 Anonymous 8-Aug-2018
35 IREALLYloveOblivion 8-Aug-2018
36 stony3k 8-Aug-2018
37 StrongBelwas 11-Aug-2018
38 thesheeep 11-Aug-2018
39 Avierra 12-Aug-2018
40 sstacks 16-Aug-2018
^ 20.00 - Donate more than $20.00 to get your name in the Top #40
41 ~*????`*?~-.?-AIN'T 19-Aug-2018
42 Nicebrain 19-Aug-2018
43 Deuce Traveler 20-Aug-2018
44 NotAGolfer 21-Aug-2018
45 evdk 23-Aug-2018
46 Master Planetar 15-Sep-2018
47 markec 15-Sep-2018
48 John Yossarian 6-Oct-2018
49 Taka-Haradin puolipeikko 8-Aug-2018
50 Hamster 9-Aug-2018
^ 15.00 - Donate more than $15.00 to get your name in the Top #50
51 Dr Skeleton 21-Aug-2018
52 Outlander 7-Aug-2018
53 Insane Psychic 8-Aug-2018
54 Darth Roxor 9-Aug-2018
55 D_X 9-Aug-2018
56 MicoSelva 9-Aug-2018
57 Tigranes 13-Aug-2018
58 Projas 21-Aug-2018
59 Sobchak 25-Aug-2018
60 Nekot-The-Brave 30-Aug-2018
^ 10.00 - Donate more than $10.00 to get your name in the Top #60
61 Fedora Master 24-Sep-2018
62 Steezus 9-Oct-2018
63 Rahdulan 26-Sep-2018
64 ItsChon 31-Aug-2018
65 Zombra 4-Sep-2018
66 Cromelyn 8-Aug-2018
67 Fronzel Neekburm 9-Aug-2018
68 Strange Fellow 21-Aug-2018
69 Akratus 22-Aug-2018
70 Grotesque 25-Aug-2018
^ 5.00 - Donate more than $5.00 to get your name in the Top #70
71 Anonymous 7-Sep-2018
72 Inehresa 17-Sep-2018
73 MurkyShadow 25-Sep-2018
TOTAL: $1,961.99
FEES¹: - $93.84
NET: $1,868.15
¹Fees are as reported by PayPal.

Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $1,868.15 USD (37%)

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