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ATOM RPG Released

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ATOM RPG Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 20 December 2018, 01:27:43


ATOM RPG, the Soviet Fallout-like that was Kickstarted last April, was released today after a year in Early Access and many more years in development. I've said before that ATOM seemed like it was a cut above the usual Eastern European shovelware Fallout clone. In recent weeks that's become especially clear as the game neared completion and our users began noticing its extremely culturally literate writing. I've been a bit concerned about the game being rushed to make it out this year, but judging by initial impressions, it doesn't seem to be in a particularly bad shape. It does appear that the devs didn't have time to finalize a launch trailer though, so I'll just post their release announcement:

Hello, dear friends!

At long last, it happened! Finally the moment came, when we can finally say that ATOM RPG is complete! Honestly, it’s hard for us to believe it happened so fast, in just a bit more than a year’s time. The main reason for this amazing growth from a two hour long Kickstarter beta to a game that makes some players lose themselves for 100+ hours, is in you - our awesome players.

It was very hard at times, but we managed, thanks to the advice you gave, the trust you put in us, the constant support you blessed us with. These are not empty words, when we say that ATOM is our game, but it’s also yours.

Now let’s see what we have accomplished together:

ATOM is a Fallout and Wasteland inspired RPG that became something more or less original and independant as it was developed. It’s completely non-linear. It features more than 450+ NPC characters, each with a unique portrait, a branching dialogue and his or her own place in the world’s structure.

ATOM has various endings and various paths to reach them with. The system of perks, skills and traits will let you create any character type you can imagine, be it a brawler or a traveling intellectual.

ATOM now features more than 250 unique quests of all shapes and sizes - from simple to epic, from partially hidden to in-your-face obvious.

It has 90+ different locations, scattered around three global maps. It holds 100+ types of weapons, 30+ types of enemies, and even a car. A lot is possible in this living world, the fate of which largely depends on your gameplay choices.

And the best thing is this: We’re not letting go of this world just yet. After this release, there will be plenty more content to come in the shape of free DLCs and patches!

Thank you for walking this road with us.

And let there always be ATOM!
ATOM is available on Steam now for just $15. It's a nice final treat for 2018. According to today's Kickstarter update, the game will eventually make its way to GOG as well.

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