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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #24: Alpha Progress Report

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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #24: Alpha Progress Report

Development Info - posted by Infinitron on Fri 5 April 2019, 15:26:52

Tags: Mechajammer; Whalenought Studios

Copper Dreams has been in alpha since November, but still appears to be drifting in what seems like perpetual pre-production. The latest Kickstarter update details the significant changes that have been made to the game over the past few months, which include UI tweaks, new tiling implementations, and most importantly, the addition of fully controllable companions. The game's injury system has also been modified. I'll quote that part of the update here:

The Life of the Party

Our intention was always to remove the idea of Hit Points and replace them with wounds that individually reduce stats of a character. Getting that into a simple system that both feels organic during gameplay, and allows players to reasonably survive and enemies to be killed in predictable ways has been a challenge. With the newest tweaks in the last month of alpha testing, we think we've found a solution.

Characters accrue wounds specific to body parts. Different damage rolls do 3 tiers of wounds — lesser, greater, and mortal. In the alpha, we've introduced the SHOCK stat to make sure they all work together nicely, which acts sort of like a negative armor modifier.
  • Light wounds still just deter some stat points somewhere on your character, respective of body part. The higher end rolls of these can cause SHOCK.
  • Medium wounds deter stats respective of body part as well and always cause SHOCK.
  • Mortal wounds destroy/disable whatever limb they happen on.
  • If a character's torso or head is destroyed, they're dead.
So that's easy enough — destroying legs make enemies unable to move, arms reducing any ability to fight, and the vital parts are the torso and head (or non-humanoid equivalent, for you to find out). Rolling mortal wounds is required to do that, and that's where SHOCK comes in. Every SHOCK point a character has, regardless of what body part it was on, adds those points to any incoming damage rolls. This would allow rolls to be either more potent within their tier or jump from light to medium, or up to Mortal.

This allows a few gameplay features we struggled to design for with previous iterations:
  • Characters can be 1-hit killed.
  • No matter how armored a character is, they can we chipped away at with SHOCK.
  • Aiming for mechanical parts of the body (arms/legs types) is still viable toward reducing character abilities as well as helping towards finishing them off.
As we mention below, you can now automatically aim for body parts with any action, so you can always have some agency on what you're going for.

Bringing the Pain

The wounds your players accrue are now visibly seen on their person. Giant nails, gore blobs, embers, bone fragments — the locational damage of the wounds you get can be seen appropriately on your characters body parts.

Now those blood decals or arrows that stick into characters have some actual importance — check out enemy damage locations to see what to focus on or what's currently damaged.​

There's plenty more stuff in the update that I didn't mention, not to mention tons of images and animated GIFs, so check it out. Whalenought plan to release a gameplay video next week to demonstrate some of these new features.

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