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Solasta Kickstarter Update #10: The Paladins and Rangers of Solasta

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Solasta Kickstarter Update #10: The Paladins and Rangers of Solasta

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 18 September 2019, 23:34:45

Tags: Solasta: Crown of the Magister; Tactical Adventures

Yesterday Tactical Adventures asked backers of Solasta: Crown of the Magister to vote on whether Paladins or Rangers should be the next class to be added to the game. But wait, what's a Paladin? Today's Kickstarter update has some setting-specific details about the Paladins and Rangers of the world of Solasta. Like the game's other classes, each one has three archetypes. The description of the Ranger archetypes is a bit crunchier, so I'll quote that part here:

Wanderers of Solasta’s wilderness, rangers are the kind of people who prefer to sleep out in the woods rather than in a town inn, listening to the sounds of nature rather than the chatter of people.

Trained survivalists and hunters, they are fierce combatants but have enough subtlety to be stealthy when needed. Excellent trackers and archers, they can also have the ability to cast spells that channel the powers of nature.


Masters of the of melee and ranged combat, these are Solasta’s supreme predators. Able to track their prey for days through the worst terrain, they dedicate their whole being to the art of the hunt.

They develop a variety of combat techniques, depending on their prey of choice. Some hunt giants, while others specialize in fighting hordes of smaller monsters.


Heirs to the high elf archery traditions of the old Empire, these are undisputed masters of their art and the deadliest ranged combatants on Solasta. Their specialized training includes many different techniques:
  • Fast shooting, to react to opponent moves with a deadly shot.
  • Close quarters combat, to remain efficient at close range and avoid being cornered by melee combatants.
  • Arrow recovery, to avoid running out of ammunition.
  • Poisoning arrows, to defeat even the toughest enemies – although high elf historians deny that this was a routine tactic of the Imperial ranger forces.
  • Rumors have also been heard of rains of arrows, so far without proof.
Shadow Tamers

Used to wandering the desolated Badlands, these rangers know the lore and languages of darkness, traps, and the underground world. They walk without fear where others would hesitate to tread.

Simply put, a shadow tamer is at ease when others are not. The numberless hazards of the Badlands include darkness, monsters, rough terrain, bad weather, and chaos. Shadow tamers take all of these dangers in stride.

Heights, depths, darkness, monsters: none of these bother them. In fact, they make them deadlier. In the monster’s den, they are the greater monster.​

Now you know!

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