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The Outer Worlds Released

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The Outer Worlds Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 25 October 2019, 01:21:08

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; The Outer Worlds

The development of The Outer Worlds began in early 2016, and there are indications that it may have been planned as early as late 2015. Yet the desire for a Fallout: New Vegas successor from Obsidian goes back much earlier than that. I've always thought it was crazy that they weren't immediately picked up to make another game of that type, and it's sort of tragic that having taken so long to finally arrive it's now seen as a kind of throwback retro experience. Over the past three days The Outer Worlds has been streaming all over the place, the Take-Two marketing machine finally roaring to life. The masses are aware, and we shall soon know whether the cult of New Vegas is still strong.

The Outer Worlds is available for purchase for $60 on the Epic Store and the Microsoft Store. However, if you have Windows 10, we recommend that you instead rent the game via Xbox Game Pass for PC, which costs just $1 for the first month. They're practically handing it out for free. If you ask me, Epic got ripped off here.

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