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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #5: Dismemberment & Mythic Paths Stretch Goals

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #5: Dismemberment & Mythic Paths Stretch Goals

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 7 February 2020, 19:02:35

Tags: Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

As of this morning, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous officially has mounted combat. As expected, the next stretch goal at $615,000 was for dismemberment death animations. There's not a lot to actually say about that, so Owlcat chose to use the Kickstarter update to describe the Lich Mythic Path, which prominently features in the campaign's pitch video.

The legendary undead, the pinnacle of necromancy, a horror unspeakable, and the undisputed lord of death — the one and only lich. Among the extensive bestiaries of undead creatures, few are as legendary as the lich. Necromancers dream of becoming one, and adventurers dread meeting one in a dungeon. Yet surprisingly, the number of games that allow you to play as one is very small. And that number is reduced even further if you want to become one during the game, plunging to nonexistent if you expect to feel the consequences and repercussions of such a grand and malevolent decision. We want to fix this.

As you might have already heard, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous includes a whole new level of depth to the already vast character progression by way of the Mythic Paths. Today, we will talk about one of those paths – the path of the lich. Don’t go thinking that you’ll get to forsake your flesh and your life right at the beginning of the game. Just like every journey begins with a single step, the road to lichdom begins by summoning a loyal skeletal champion, fleshcrafting wings of bone or something else upon your champion, or forging weapons from the souls and bones of fallen crusaders. In short, it is a journey filled with a plethora of horrific decisions and abilities that those of you who choose this path to evil are bound to relish.

By choosing lich as a Mythic Path, you elect to venture into unlife and to become the true master of necromancy. Liches are spellcasters independent of their primary class selection — their spellbook is filled with new unique spells, as well grim (and mostly necromantic) spells selected from the spell lists of other classes. It doesn’t matter what class you are as long as you choose lich — you will be able to cast those spells and will be as powerful (though not as versatile) as a necromancer wizard. But if you are a powerful spellcaster already, then instead your magical abilities will be augmented by your forbidden studies, extending your spellbook and both the level and number of spells you can cast.

The arsenal of unique spells should be to the liking of those aspiring to become a lich. Cast Repurpose on an enemy and then watch him die and then rise again to fight at your side. Wield (or let your allies wield) the Vampiric Blade — a weapon enchantment that heals the wielder as it cleaves through living flesh. Explode bones inside your enemy’s body — inflicting wounds so gruesome that anyone in the vicinity is showered with gore. Or flay your still-living opponent's flesh and fashion his bones into a Bone Spear.

As you go down the path of the lich, you gain immunity to diseases, death effects, poisons, and other weaknesses common to those of flesh and blood. Few undead can resist your commands, and the ones already serving you will become stronger and stronger. And finish it by becoming a complete undead — forsaking the prison of flesh and life, and changing your appearance and portrait.

But your appearance won’t be the only thing to change — your abilities will too. You will become a complete undead, able to paralyze with a single touch, and will be able to gain even more attributes of the undead, such as energy-draining eyes, magical claws, wings of bone... At that point, you will also be able to reach even greater heights in your understanding of necromancy — 10th level spells will become available to you. Cataclysmically powerful, it is rare to find enemies that can stand against them, and impossible to find those that will emerge unscathed. Plunge your enemies into the Death Realm, from which only the most powerful can even hope to return alive.

Of course, the mechanics and gory visuals are not the only treat we have in store for those who dare to venture along this Mythic Path. But we won’t spoil the details of the story that liches will experience in Wrath of Righteous. Know only that there will be unique locations, quests, decisions and consequences, story paths, dialogue options, and even some “repurposed” NPCs available only to the lich.
The Mythic Paths will clearly be a centerpiece of this game. After the dismemberment stretch goal was unlocked, Owlcat announced that the next stretch goal at $770,000 is for two more of them - the virtuous Gold Dragon and the ravenous Swarm-That-Walks.

Gold Dragon

Everybody knows that long life grants wisdom. But metallic dragons know that long life also grants mercy — a gift that must be shared with others. Healed by Terendelev, the silver dragon of Kenabres, you’ve kept the memories of her in your heart. The tale of her life and struggle has not only inspired you to be a better person, it has also awoken the dragon inside your soul. You will learn from the dragons, who live for hundreds of years. You will learn the ways of wisdom and forgiveness, and master the power they give you. From now on, you are no longer just a warrior — you are a gold dragon, defender of Golarion. Your newly grown scales are impervious to magic. Minions of evil can barely muster the courage to stand in your way, let alone attack you. Your roar alone is enough to stagger even the greatest foes, while sending the lowest crawling in the dirt, begging for mercy. And you are not alone — other dragons are ready to aid you in battle. Your mighty form and magic give you the power to smite your enemies, but remember: killing is not the only option for a gold dragon. Those who have faltered can be redeemed, those who are lost should be guided. Your way is the way of mercy. Your path leads to eternity.


Feel the anger inside! Taste the fear of your enemies! You are no longer a mere creature of flesh and blood — from now on, your name is Swarm-That-Walks, for you are the locust swarm, and you are many. You have the power to devastate cities and bring armies to their knees, you are worthy of becoming a new Deskari, a wrathful and insatiable swarm. You don't just kill your enemies, the swarm devours their flesh and gnaws on their bones, just your wrath gnaws at your soul. Fear not the blades and claws of lesser creatures, for they cannot harm you any more. Your solid body is a mere disguise that you can abandon at any moment to become a cloud of locusts. Infest your enemies, devouring them from the inside while moving their bodies like puppets on strings. Grow your power endlessly with each foe that falls prey to your hunger. Great power comes at a price, but no price is too high for one who is consumed by vengeance. Golarion betrayed you, and this betrayal cannot go unpunished. Consume your enemies and sacrifice your allies. Golarion must fall, and your enemies must fall with it.
This is a big one, and it might take a day or so to reach. We already have an idea of what might be coming afterwards, though.

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