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Horizon's Gate is a seafaring tactical RPG from the creator of Voidspire Tactics

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Horizon's Gate is a seafaring tactical RPG from the creator of Voidspire Tactics

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 9 March 2020, 23:40:57

Tags: Horizon's Gate; Rad Codex

Rad Codex's Voidspire Tactics was one of the underrated gems of 2015 - an exploration-focused SRPG that Codexers liked so much that they often demand that its thread be moved out of the JRPG forum. It was followed up in 2017 with Alvora Tactics, a more modest title focused on combat, while creator Eldiran worked on a full-scale successor. That game was revealed two weeks ago as Horizon's Gate (no Tactics this time), an open-world seafaring RPG set in the same world as Voidspire Tactics and featuring tactical combat both on land and at sea. Here's the trailer and description:

Voyage into the wide world of Eral as an explorer, trader, or privateer. Unravel the secrets behind Dominio's betrayal - or sail off in search of your own adventure.
  • Engage in deep but straightforward tactical combat on land or at sea
  • Explore the world in your ship, then disembark to explore dungeons with your crew
  • Create your crew from 8 playable races, unlock 34 classes, learn & upgrade 150+ abilities, and equip your choice of 100+ passive abilities
  • Build a devastating combat fleet of Ice Reavers and Sea Serpents – or sail past trouble with a small but swift fleet
  • Serve under one of three factions, amass wealth as a trader, or become a reviled pirate
  • Abilities are good for more than just combat – freeze a river to cross it, or grow seeds into vines to scale mountains!
  • Unique fantasy setting – not one elf, orc or goblin in sight
  • Built using the same engine, mechanics, and setting as the highly-rated Voidspire Tactics and Alvora Tactics (however, knowledge of those games is NOT required for Horizon's Gate!)
Horizon's Gate is available on Steam for $20 with a 10% launch discount until next week. Try it out and tell us how it is.

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