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Wasteland 3 Dev Diary #2: The World, Story & Characters

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Wasteland 3 Dev Diary #2: The World, Story & Characters

Development Info - posted by Infinitron on Fri 22 May 2020, 23:58:07

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Nathan Long; Wasteland 3

The second episode of inXile's new series of Wasteland 3 dev diaries, again premiering at IGN, is about the game's characters, factions and narrative. It's presented by Brian Fargo himself along with Nathan Long, who it seems has once again found himself the last man standing after the departure of all the other major writers. Together they introduce some of the setting's major players, including the Reagan-worshipping Gippers and their leader Mother Nancy Reliance, who control Colorado's oil supply, and the amiably corrupt Sergeant Kwon, the party's liaison with the Patriarch's police force. Brian Fargo's favorite character however is the psychotic Victory Buchanan, who we met in the Wasteland 3 backer alpha. The Patriarch's equally bloodthirsty daughter Liberty Buchanan makes an appearance in the video as well.

According to Nathan, Wasteland 3's narrative should feel more cohesive and less episodic compared to that of its predecessor. While in Wasteland 2 you discovered the conflict over the course of the game, in Wasteland 3 the premise is presented to you from the outset, but you won't necessarily know which side to believe. Naturally, reactivity is still a major focus, including multiple endings similar to those in Wasteland 2. Brian says the reactivity will be better telegraphed and reinforced in Wasteland 3, so that players feel like the world is always watching (something that George Ziets also talked about last year). In summary, it sounds promising.

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