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Weird West Gameplay Developer Commentary Trailer

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Weird West Gameplay Developer Commentary Trailer

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sun 12 July 2020, 00:55:18

Tags: Devolver Digital; Raphael Colantonio; Weird West; WolfEye Studios

Indie publisher Devolver Digital broadcast their wacky annual event today. Weird West did not make an appearance during the stream itself, but they did hide a new trailer for it in their free Devolverland Expo promotional game, which was soon uploaded to YouTube as well. It's a developer commentary trailer narrated by Raf Colantonio that offers an overview of the game's primary features - simulation, setting and visual direction, a dynamic event system, and permanent consequences that can't be reverted by reloading a saved game.

If you'd like to hear more, Raf also spoke about Weird West in an interview with GameSpot and in a quick Q&A with PC Gamer, both published last week.

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