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Lost Eidolons now on Kickstarter

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Lost Eidolons now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 21 April 2021, 22:13:00

Tags: Lost Eidolons; Ocean Drive Studio

Last month we learned about Lost Eidolons, an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG from Korean developer Ocean Drive Studio. The game's announcement was followed by numerous development updates on its official website. It turns out they were building up towards a Kickstarter campaign, which launched today. The pitch video seems to be identical to the game's reveal trailer, so here's a video they published yesterday introducing key members of the team.

「Greetings tactician. We're Ocean Drive Studio, a new video game start-up based in Seoul & Los Angeles working on creating memorable single-player experiences on PC and consoles. This is our first project, and we're deeply vested into making this a project worth being called our flagship. The project is already fully-funded, and we've come Kickstarter not just to raise visibility on the our studio and the game, but to also build a larger community of players who can provide us vital feedback and develop the game alongside us through that feedback. We've set our first goal of $45,000 modestly, and the moment we reach it we'll send in the word to unlock the Permadeath optional toggle feature by Early Access in October. It will be our first major milestone to overcome collectively!」

- The ODS Crew

Lost Eidolons is a classic turn-based tactical RPG that places you in the shoes of the mercenary leader Eden in his bid to seize back the empire for his people. Strategize through an episodic campaign by planning out each action before and during every battle.

Key Features:
  • Meticulous turn-based tactical combat. Maneuver your units across the grid and claim control of the battlefield across 27 episodic campaigns (16 available initially in Early Access).
  • An in-depth management system between major campaign battles. Setting up your allies for greatness in battle. Gear up, train to strengthen your mettle, and recruit powerful new units to your army.
  • Engineer your own victories. Take advantage of more than a dozen different classes to design your foe’s overwhelming defeat.
  • Gorgeous modern high-fidelity graphics set in a low-fantasy world.
  • A carefully crafted classic story revolving around the bonds formed between comrades struggling for freedom in a continent marred by war and political turmoil.
  • A beautiful live-orchestrated soundtrack by the talented composer Clark Aboud, the brilliant mind behind the score of beloved games such as Slay the Spire and Factory Town.
  • English voice acting with text language support for Korean, Russian, German, European Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

As stated above, Ocean Drive are looking to raise $45,000 towards the development of Lost Eidolons, but it's getting made regardless. Right now you can secure a copy of the game including beta access for $25. The estimated release date on the Kickstarter page is October 2021, but as explained in the Early Access FAQ on the game's Steam page, the final release will actually be a year later.

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