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After scouts Early Access on Steam

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After scouts Early Access on Steam

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 23 April 2021, 14:33:47

Tags: After; Hyperdrive Game Studios

Hyperdrive Gaming Studios had put their first game, After, out on Early Access. Take jobs in this open world, end of the world driving, shooting, and beating people up CRPG. Did I mention beating people up? There's a lot of that in the trailer. So, if you're looking for a post apocalyptic fix, there you go. Here's more info:

  • Explore An Unique World!
    Make your own choices in a large detailed open world, discover factions fighting to control the wasteland and the small number of supplies left.
  • Be Who You Wanna Be!
    Build your character as you like with attributes and skills, collect boy scout badges to grant special perks, and build the best you.
  • Enjoy The Beauty!
    Next-generation graphics bring this world to life and allow for a hyper-detailed and realistic environment. Dynamic day and night systems affect lighting in the world in real-time

As much as I love indie games, I do kind of wish that they'd refrain from adding terrain features until the game can handle what happens when something interacts with those features. Yes, Early Access, but it's still kind of odd to see. That said, the graphics and such do look pretty good for a first outing.

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