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This is About Right and Wrong: The Chris Avellone Saga Continues

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This is About Right and Wrong: The Chris Avellone Saga Continues

People News - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sat 10 July 2021, 16:31:21

Tags: Chris Avellone; MCA; Men who make awkward passes at women and regret it when they get cancelled

For those who haven't been following the Cancellation of Chris Avellone, the saga has gotten a whole lot juicer. After being cancelled last year because he allegedly made some kind of awkward pass at a girl at a game convention a decade ago, which turned into stories of Chris being some kind of sexual deviant, which resulted in Chris being unemployed... Chris is now taking the matter to Court.

It then turned out that one of his accusers who had dropped receipts of Chris mentioning her lady parts in a text message, had attempted a budding porn career as "Violet" with none other than James Deen (I'll let you google that).

Now, it turns out the original accuser, Karissa Burrows - was pretty keen on having a relationship with Chris right from the get go. That Chris' horrible drunken passes at her were apparently quite well received at the time. At least according to a new article now up on medium from a Jeff Johnson:

As an upfront disclaimer, I haven’t been paying much attention to the game industry for the past few years, so the story of Ms. Barrows’ claim against Mr. Avellone was not known to me until a recent article on Forbes by Erik Kain. That is the reason for the timing of my statement.
We (Koobismo team) met Ms. Barrows (online) on September 13th, 2012. One of the things discussed with Ms. Barrows was connecting with industry people for interviews. Ms. Barrows mentioned that she knew a lot of people since she attended many comic-book/video game conventions. She would talk about partying with them at every convention. Ms. Barrows officially joined the Koobismo team September 25th, 2012.

NOTE: I (nor anyone on our team) had ever met Karissa in person. Our entire interaction was over Twitter direct messages (see below), Skype, emails, and phone calls.

During this time, Ms. Barrows mentioned that she could connect us with Chris Avellone and David Gaider, since she recently partied with them at Dragon Con (August 30th, 2012 — September 3rd, 2012). Even mentioning candidly that she had “made out with Chris the first night there.” Ms. Barrows would speak about Mr. Avellone very fondly as if there was a potential relationship there. She clearly liked him, and to us, it almost came across like they were dating (by listening to her). Ms. Barrows was more than willing and excited to set up an interview with Mr. Avellone.
On November 23rd of 2012 our group interviewed Chris Avellone via Skype. The people on the call were Chris Avellone, Karissa Barrows, Phil Hornshaw (currently an editor at GameSpot), Jakub Riedel, and myself (Jeff Johnson). The entire call was recorded. Pre-interview banter through interview, to post interview banter. During this call you can clearly hear Karissa’s affection and attraction to Chris. While the interview is public on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLj3YcpbV5U, I will also be releasing all relevant audio from the unreleased audio soon. This was the first time I had ever spoken with Mr. Avellone.

[...] attempting to destroy someone with a complete fabrication is something I could not stand by and let slide. When a person lies about something like this, it makes it harder for the real victims of the world.

Unarguable truth has now been presented. As a culture we should always wait to find out the facts before casting judgment on someone. What if this was you or a loved one? This goes beyond politics, beliefs, or life choices. This is about right and wrong, truth and lies.​

You can read the rest yourself, but the text includes receipts with messages between Jeff and Karissa, with Karissa referring to Chris as her "con-boyfriend" (convention boyfriend), and even referring to him as a "complete gentleman". Karissa even says she'll need to "keep the alcohol flowing"...

Thanks to Sahib for the heads up.

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