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King Arthur: Knight's Tale releasing on February 15th

King Arthur: Knight's Tale releasing on February 15th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 20 October 2021, 22:16:13

Tags: King Arthur: Knight's Tale; NeocoreGames

NeocoreGames' dark fantasy tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight's Tale was rather light on content when it went into Early Access back in January. The game has received several major updates since then, but it's clear that the developers were a bit optimistic about its final release date. It was no surprise when they announced today that Knight's Tale will be launching next year on February 15th. Along with this announcement, Neocore have released a new dev diary video, following up on a previous dev diary published in August. The rather cheerful narrator provides details about the game's combat mechanics, choice & consequence, character development, classes and more.

Looks pretty cool. Knight's Tale will also be participating in Steam's Digital Tabletop Fest event this weekend, with a panel about Arthurian myth.

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