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The Way of Wrath to be published by Hooded Horse

The Way of Wrath to be published by Hooded Horse

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 24 November 2021, 23:55:52

Tags: Animmal; Hooded Horse; The Way of Wrath

Animmal's unique early Bronze Age RPG The Way of Wrath was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in February. The campaign even managed to hit a couple of stretch goals, including one for an optional real-time-with-pause mode. Although it's hard to tell due to the developers' puzzling choice to make most of their post-funding Kickstarter updates private, it seems that an early access build was released to backers in July and that development is progressing well. Yesterday Animmal announced that they'd managed to score a publishing deal with Hooded Horse, the Dallas-based indie publisher behind strategy titles such as Terra Invicta and Old World. Here's the obligatory new trailer and an excerpt from the announcement:

We have some exciting news for you!

We've teamed up with the Hooded Horse, this amazing team will be publishing and marketing The Way of Wrath RPG. We're very excited about this partnership as the Hooded Horse has a very unique and developer-friendly approach, they are hardcore RPG & Strategy gamers at heart and we instantly clicked with the team. Hooded Horse will be marketing our game and publishing the game on different stores and platforms. While we'll focus even more on the game development.

We have won in a local start-up funding event!

We participated in a start-up competition and we were among the finalists! Our team will receive additional funding to improve the game which will result in some cool upgrades to game animations and add additional depth to exploration and combat.

What this all means for the game.

Some really exciting stuff! The game will become much better with the new resources we have. We'll be getting an animation motion capture system, a special suit that can record real-life movement and translate it into digital animation we can use in the game. The animations, especially the shaman rituals will be getting a huge upgrade, we'll also be able to include more cinematic scenes. There will also be a lot more NPC animations and activities, so the world will be brought to life.

With more development time freed now that we have a publishing partner, we'll be improving combat and exploration depth with extended navigation options and more of the world interactivity. We're very happy to have a chance to realize our game in more detail.

To make use of all these new possibilities of improving the game, we'll need to expand the development time and this will affect the release date. We cannot say the exact new release date right now, we'll need some time with the new tools and gameplay prototypes to lock down the specifics. But we should have more information and details in the next update.

But as always we'll be sharing the latest game updates with you and you'll be able to play the game early through the exclusive backer beta.

As mentioned in the update, The Way of Wrath has been delayed past its rather optimistic original release date of early 2022, although according to its Steam page it's still scheduled to launch sometime next year. Animmal's earlier plans to release a public Early Access build have also been called off.

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