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Thank you for your patience during our down-time

Thank you for your patience during our down-time

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Sun 26 June 2022, 16:07:20

Tags: RPG Codex

Right, we're now running XenForo 2.0. Why? Because progress, that's why. Also using old deprecated software is bad.

There are still some tweaks and mostly minor features to bring back online (like there always have been in some cases) but core functionality appears to be up and working.

The front page is up, and we can post content again. We're aware there are some issues with updating forum indexes with the latest post, and alerting users to new posts in the news forum. Rest assured this is our top priority and we'll get right on that.

Thanks to @Twiglard for his work on the forum theme. Hopefully most of the bitching has been resolved now. And special thanks for his efforts on the back-end with code support.

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