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RPG Codex

RPG Codex

Articles associated with this tag:

8-Feb-2017 The Age of Incline: RPG Codex's 2012-2016 GOTY Results
13-Jan-2015 RPG Codex 2014 Role-Playing Game of the Year Awards
13-Nov-2012 A Codexian Fund-raiser
28-Jul-2012 Codex 10th Anniversary - Short Story Competition
13-Dec-2021 RPG Codex Best Vintage RPG Poll
14-Jan-2017 RPG Codex 2016 Role-Playing Game of the Year & Age of Incline Voting
3-Nov-2014 D:OS Codex Raffle - Winners Announced!
27-Sep-2014 RPG Codex Invades Steam
14-Sep-2014 Buy your very own 16 GB Codex Troll USB 3.0 (now with pictures of actual USB)
6-Feb-2013 Hey Roguey, Swen Vincke says he didn't run out of money for Divinity: Original Sin
7-Jan-2013 RPG Codex Wasteland 2 NPC Raffle
2-Jan-2013 New Codex Server!
31-Dec-2012 Malware Ahead!
23-Dec-2012 The Codex will be experiencing some downtime over Christmas
7-Dec-2012 Codex Server Drive + Win a Wasteland 2 NPC, Weapon or Location!
6-Nov-2012 We may experience some down-time / random crashes / timing out
21-Sep-2012 Winners of the Codex 10th Anniversary Short Story Competition
11-May-2012 RPGCodex declines into Facebook, children scream in terror
30-Jul-2010 Drakensang 3 will be a Browser Game
28-Dec-2007 2007 - A Year in Review
10-Apr-2006 Server maintenance this Thursday - possibly earlier
12-Feb-2006 Codex maintenance on wednesday
19-Oct-2004 WE'RE TWO!
8-Sep-2004 Site back up
29-Jul-2004 RPGCodex consumes the WORLD
2-May-2004 Updatin' the forum, please hold.
21-Jan-2004 Game comments
25-Dec-2003 We're launching the new RPG Codex games database
30-Nov-2003 The new and improved RPG Codex!
27-Oct-2003 I missed our birthday.
20-Oct-2002 RPGCodex Gets a Complete Facelift
7-Aug-2002 News alias
6-Aug-2002 Bugs/Glitches etc.
5-Aug-2002 I think that just about wraps it up.
3-Aug-2002 To do before launch.
29-Jul-2002 Just seeing why HTML isn\'t working for Deathy...
27-Jul-2002 More testin\'.

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