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Winners of the Codex 10th Anniversary Short Story Competition

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Winners of the Codex 10th Anniversary Short Story Competition

Competition - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 21 September 2012, 13:01:18

Tags: Good Old Games; RPG Codex; Short Story Competition

In honour of our 10th birthday recently, we held a short-story competition and looked back at 10 years of Codexian madness. After much some debate, we can finally announce the winners:

1. 10 years inside the asylum
agentorange - With his never-ending and yet beautifully worded sentence.
Erebus - With a must-read guide to the Codex.

2. A Date with the Codex
Gregz - If leather fetishes and SURPRISE endings are your thing.
Erebus - For assisting HawkeTheChampion fulfil his romance options.

3. A Decade of Decadence - 10 Whole Years of Decline
CappenVarra - Because everything is shit.
Erebus - While it was the only other entry we actually got in this category, it is actually good.

4. Speculative fiction - What if we did scale to your level?
Grotsnik - I'm the goddamn Batman.
Chateaubryan - You are now entering... The RPGCodex Zone.

5. Ten Prosperous Periods of Posting: A Poem.
Telengard - The first entry we received in this category, and the best.
Darth Roxor - For a decline, unexpected and unabated.

Honourable mentions to commie and artakserkso in this category.

The two best entries from each category are getting a game of their choice (up to $10) from Good Old Games. And yes, we know we said you could only win one category but Erebus had so many good entries that we decided that was merely a guideline.

Congratulations to the winners! Each of them should PM me for their game(s).

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