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RPGCodex consumes the WORLD

RPGCodex consumes the WORLD

None - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 29 July 2004, 00:30:54

Tags: RPG Codex

I just got this message in my mailbox:

To Saint_Proverbius:

Your site rpgcodex.com has exceeded its bandwidth quota in the period beginning on 2004-07-01. Your quota is set to 52428800000 bytes, and your site has consumed 6191856106 bytes beyond that quota.

So, basically, this is the deal. We're eating around 60GB for a mostly text based site. We don't host files. To keep going, we're going to need to gain some revenue here. So, if anyone would be so kind as to use those little PayPal buttons to help keep this site popup gator adware free, we here at RPGCodex would appreciate it.

Think of the children.. and puppies.. Whatever cute and cuddly things make you want to give up some money to support the cause.

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