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2007 - A Year in Review

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2007 - A Year in Review

Editorial - posted by Calis on Fri 28 December 2007, 13:48:05

Tags: RPG Codex

It's that time of the year again, and in sharp contrast to previous editions, we review the year before it's even at its end! Something important had better not happen the next few days. Here's how former Fallout bastard offspring developer and testosteron-filled sex god Section8 would characterize the piece he (we) produced:
Another year is drawing to a close, and unfortunately, Prince hasn't put his lyrical mind toward partying like it's 2007. So instead, I've opted to don stockings, banana hammock, scarf and midriff jacket and get the job done myself with the official RPG Codex Year in Review 2007 Platinum GOTY Edition. Pre-order now for a signed photo of me in said stockings, banana hammock, scarf and midriff jacket!

Read the entire piece here.

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