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RPG Codex Wasteland 2 NPC Raffle

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RPG Codex Wasteland 2 NPC Raffle

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 7 January 2013, 15:33:52

Tags: Codex Server Slush Fund; RPG Codex

Something like a few weeks ago, we promised to raffle off a Wasteland 2 NPC thanks to Brian Fargo - who donated it to our server fund-raiser. That raffle was conducted this weekend and to ensure the whole thing was totally legit and not rigged in any way, shape or form, it was filmed:

Watch and you'll get to:
  • Listen to poor audio!
  • See close-ups of my head!
  • Oh God it's so boring!
  • See who wins!
No doubt you will be on the edge of your seat through-out. The winner has been contacted to claim his prize.

I'd like to thank all those who donated towards the server and entered our raffle, with special thanks to Brian Fargo for lowering himself to the Codex' level and interacting with us. We'll make sure he regrets that soon enough. We raised over $4,700 which will go towards hookers┬╣ running our new server, as well as cover upgrades for the foreseeable future.

┬╣That joke never gets old.

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Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $1,868.15 USD (37%)

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