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Elea - an RPG Codex-adjacent CYOA

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Elea - an RPG Codex-adjacent CYOA

Community - posted by Darth Roxor on Wed 14 February 2024, 20:02:53

Tags: Elea; RPG Codex

Some people do really weird things when they're bored, when instead they could be contributing to their local community by digging ditches or sweeping the streets.

Unfortunately for society at large, folks like our local poster Agesilaus would rather write choose-your-own-adventure books about, ahem, philosophical discussions inspired by classical Hellenic and Chinese antiquity. This is your introduction to Elea.

"Classical antiquity played host to a great intellectual struggle. Philosophers, possessed by the desire to know, engaged in free inquiry and developed an astounding array of positions. They formed schools and engaged each other in philosophical debates. That same spirit grips our generation; we gather online to develop our beliefs and to clash like rams. Antiquity is born again, beautiful and new."

The text consists of short chapters that are connected by branching paths. At the end of each chapter you will decide how to proceed. Elea is written to be very accessible to all readers. Familiarity with ancient thinkers such as Parmenides and Zhuang Zhou will enrich the experience. The book is strongly rooted in a monist interpretation of the Eleatic fragments and philosophical Daoism. The characters you meet will explore the nature of Being, presenting an understanding of reality as an all-embracing and unshakeable unity.​

You're probably puzzled why this is newsworthy, and I'm wondering about that myself, but to quote the very man who brought this upon us, "Elea mentions this site and its forums on a few occasions, and at one point goes into a discussion of game development and certain types of game mechanics that should be avoided." It is only natural that this prestigious magazine should be included for reference in assorted curricula and compendia, and word of it spread to the masses.

Elea can be bought on Amazon for 8 or 20 bucks depending if you want it on kindle or paper.

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