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We're launching the new RPG Codex games database

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We're launching the new RPG Codex games database

None - posted by Spazmo on Thu 25 December 2003, 17:38:35

Tags: RPG Codex

Today at the RPG Codex, we unveil a big thing we've been working on for a few days now. We've built a great big database of CRPGs and the companies who make them. You'll notice that below the header of each newspost, there is now a "More information on..." link. This will take you to our database entry for that given game or company. We'd like to think we've compiled a pretty neat little database here, but it's never really complete. If you notice anything missing from an entry, feel free to PM Ausir or myself if you can suggest anything to put in there.

Our listing of games.
Our listing of companies.

So, there you have it. We have a new database. I guess we're real PROFESHUNAL now, eh?

Thanks to:
Calis, resident PHP wizard, for coding this and putting up with whiners like us demanding new features and cross-indexing and other such horrors all the time.

Ausir for displaying a disturbing devotion to the site by actually going through the entire news archive and linking each individual news post we've ever done to an appropriate company and game. He's also been hard at work digging up more logos than you can shake a stick at and, well, coming up with the whole thing.

Vault Dweller for helping to flesh out the database.

Exitium, thanked pre-emptively for those links to the database he hasn't put onto the site yet.

Thanks to me because I helped, too.

And thanks to Saint_Proverbius for looking tough and maintaining our "street cred" while the rest of us did the gruntwork.

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