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Colony Ship Early Access Update: New Location - The Heart

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Colony Ship Early Access Update: New Location - The Heart

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 4 February 2023, 21:59:53

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio

Due to the unexpectedly long time it took to finalize its latest systems update, it's now been six months since a new location was added to the Colony Ship Early Access build. To Iron Tower's credit, today's location update was released only a few days behind schedule on the game's updated roadmap. Players will now have access to the area known as the Heart, home to the ship's fusion reactor and the cult of mutants that tend to it. Here's the announcement:

You can now travel to the mutant town known as the Heart in search of a reactor-grade fuel cell and recruit a mutant companion (one of two mutually exclusive party members) to your cause. Your adventure continues and we take one step closer to the release.

Living and working in the radioactive umbra of the damaged reactor greatly increased mortality rates for the outcasts, but many generations of shortened lives, afflicted with mutations both minor and severe, have resulted in a people fully adapted to the toxic environment.

In the mutants’ earliest days labor was by necessity divided, the men tending to the engines while the women tended to the men as they inevitably sickened and died. Much was asked of these mothers and sisters, and from the beginning they adopted the faith to augment their strength.

Many mutants credit their people's survival on this belief, that another world awaits them after death, a counter to the hellish reality of the reactor. Due to the inescapable radiation poisoning of engine work, only the females lived long enough to take on the role of elder, and to run those aspects of life beyond the perimeter of the engines.

Thus did necessity evolve into tradition, and tradition into law. The females sustain the priesthood and all the sacred duties of religion, while the engine work and protection of the enclave have fallen to the males. Those who aren’t happy with such an arrangement leave the enclave, becoming true outcasts, welcome in neither the Habitat nor the Heart.

What's left to do:

- Hydroponics, Yellow and Red Zones (simulated Proxima environments).

- Mission Control lower levels (that you couldn't explore before). There are two ways in, one's the eye you stole from the Church's vault, the other involves baiting a giant worm known as Ol' Bub as in Beelzebub.

- The Ship's Bridge

- The Endgame

Hydroponics and Mission Control are easy to do as we'll be expanding the existing locations. The Bridge is small by definition, so the hard part is behind us now. Once these locations are done, the level design (a major chunk of work) will be finally done as well and we'll be able to fully focus on the endgame events.

Here's to light at the end of the 6-year long tunnel.​

As mentioned, with the release of this update, the only new locations left to implement are relatively minor in scope. The next update, which will add new content to the Hydroponics and Mission Control areas, is expected by the end of March.

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