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Black Geyser developers seek funding for Tales of the Moon Cult expansion pack on Kickstarter

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Black Geyser developers seek funding for Tales of the Moon Cult expansion pack on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 17 October 2023, 22:30:01

Tags: Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness; Black Geyser: Tales of the Moon Cult; GrapeOcean Technologies

Tales of the Moon Cult (TotMC) is a major expansion pack for Black Geyser coming to Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam and GOG. It adds new locations to the world map with brand-new content and a questline that revolves around the Cult of Zoria. Several new features are introduced to the base game as well, including Strongholds, Dual Wielding and a number of QoL improvements.

This Kickstarter is the last time you can get the Collector's Edition Box for Black Geyser. The box contains a hardcover handbook (including a monster manual and artbook as well), T-Shirt, mouse pad, keychains and a beautiful cloth map.

Even though our manufacturing possibilities are very limited, we received a lot of e-mails asking about the Collector's Box so we decided to offer this edition for a very last time, extended with the new expansion pack. Thank you so much for your interest, it means a lot!

Main Features
You won't need to start a new game in Black Geyser to activate the expansion pack content. However, if you are around the end of the last chapter (point of no return), you'll need an earlier savegame to initiate the plotline of Tales of the Moon Cult.

The estimated release date is August 2024. Our core team is currently very small, so we ask your support to help bring this project to life. A successful Kickstarter campaign will also give us a clear message that we should keep doing what we're doing and stay together.

Existing backer? If you already have an add-on from a previous campaign that gives you this expansion, please refer to our FAQ in the top menu of the page.

Tales of the Moon Cult will be available in all 12 languages supported by the base game, and will extend Black Geyser with the following features aspects:
  • Major questline focusing on the Cult of Zoria and their answer to the corruption of greed affecting the world
  • Indoor, outdoor and underground areas with new side quests and riddles
  • Brand-new spells and magical items
  • A standalone fixpack with many improvements to the base game, delivered to all owners of Black Geyser as a free update (no DLC required)
  • Additional features, depending on the stretch goals reached
Standalone Fixpack
We're also creating a fixpack that will be released to the community as a free update to Black Geyser. Therefore, you won't need to own Tales of the Moon Cult to get the fixpack as an owner of the base game. Even though we call it a fixpack, it will contain new features and important QoL improvements as well:
  • Dual wielding for Warrior and Outlaw classes
  • Strongholds
  • Travel to quest giver directly from journal UI (one loading screen)
  • Already known recipes are marked in shop UI
  • Steam Cloud Save (GOG is already supported)
  • GOG Achievements
  • Item descriptions display which classes can use the item
  • Full personal questline for Helgenhar

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