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Shadow Vault announced

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Shadow Vault announced

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 8 June 2003, 21:32:17

Tags: Shadow Vault

Mayhem has unvieled Shadow Vault, a turn based strategy role playing game, which basically reads as non-fantasy setting dungeon crawl to me. There's also some screenshots over at Blue's News.

<div align="center"> </div>

  • Turn based strategy that gives the player the possibility to use and improve various special abillities of his units.
  • Stylish, "nuclear war in progress" environment.
  • Epic story and dynamic storyline that acompagnies the player throughout the entire game.
  • High level Artificial Intelligence.
  • Intuitive game rules placing emphasis on the strategical experience.
  • 20 game levels.
  • 30 units and characters.
  • 40 different actions that can used during the game.
  • 36 abilities and character improvements.

I hope they're not going with a mission structure, but that's how the feature list looks to me. Something like Jagged Alliance 2's open map system would be much nicer.

Spotted this over at Duck and Cover.

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