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New BioWare hire interview at NWN Vault

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New BioWare hire interview at NWN Vault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 13 June 2003, 14:23:03

Tags: Neverwinter Nights

Apparently BioWare hired a new guy, Tim Smith, for his work on third party utilities for Neverwinter Nights. We know this because NWN Vault has posted an interview with the guy.

1) Could you give our readers a brief introduction on who you are and your involvement in the community and what you were doing in real life prior to getting hired by BioWare?

Hello, my real name is Tim Smith, but most people including those at BioWare know me as Torlack from the NWN forums and my site. My involvement in the community is mostly from some of my 3rd party NWN utilities and NWN file documents based on my own work and enhancements of the work of others.

In real life, I co-owned and ran my own business that specialized in industrial automation software.

And now he'll be making entertainment automation software. Ho-ho-ho!

Spotted this at HomeLAN Fed

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