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SoU sweet talking at GameSpy

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SoU sweet talking at GameSpy

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 18 June 2003, 17:03:38

Tags: Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide

For those who are interested in psuedo-intellectualisms in their reviews, GameSpy offers up a review of Shadows of Undrentide which concludes with If you didn't like the first one, give this one a chance. Here's one point he made:

As fantastic as the new NPCs are, there's one notable omission: a tank character. A sorcerer, a bard, and a rogue-cleric are great companions if you're playing as a physical powerhouse, but if you want to play as a druid or a magic user you'll want some muscle for backup. Disappointingly, there isn't a complementary NPC if you want to play as anything other than a melee-focused character. This makes several areas of the game incredibly difficult. Parts of the Interlude and the end of Chapter Two are challenging with a balanced party; playing with two combat-deficient characters makes these portions of the game downright nasty.

Oh my goodness, a good point from a GameSpy writer. Maybe that highschool psychology course he took last term fired up his synapses.

Thanks, Ibbz for the word!

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