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Restricted Area Peek of the Week #1 at RPGVault

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Restricted Area Peek of the Week #1 at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Wed 16 July 2003, 06:38:48

Tags: Restricted Area

RPGVault has posted their first article in a series about master creating's cyberpunk action RPG, Restricted Area. This one is about physics in the game.

When working on the physics, our main goal was to create a more realistic experience than in other action-RPGs, mainly to avoid graphic bugs and clipping problems. The result is very nice. A good example is the empty bullet casings; they fly off your gun, throw a shadow on the floor and jump around, with the floor material determining the sound and behaviour. If you stand near a wall, they don't fly through it but jump off the wall - physically correctly. The bullet itself leaves a mark in the wall (if you hit one) - a mark that won't disappear just because you wait a few seconds or shot some more times.​

Realistic physics or eye candy? You be the judge.

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