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Restricted Area dealie over at RPG Vault

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Restricted Area dealie over at RPG Vault

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 23 July 2003, 06:42:13

Tags: Restricted Area

Peek of the Week #2 about Restricted Area is up and posted at RPG Vault for those two want a few more paragraphs of info about the German made title(Hey, they invented the bratwurst). Here's a clip:

Since the game concept is something of a tribute to the cyberpunk literature of the mid-90s, I decided to let the soundtrack follow the same path. I've tried to stay away from the brutal industrial sound sometimes associated with this genre, and instead let myself be inspired by the more melodious sounds of game titles like Shadowrun, Crusader and Deus Ex. Today, there is a strong trend towards symphonic orchestral music in computer games, but I have instead chosen to go back to a more old school sound, something to enjoy for all fans of the games mentioned above. Just as Restricted Area spans a wide range of environments, so does the music.​

I would have prefered Devo to 90s industrial, personally.

Oh yeah, and the boys at master creating are hard at work on the in game trailer for this title for those looking for some multi-megabyte eye candy.

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